Hello and welcome to my personal blog!!

This blog in various forms and formats has been in existence since 2000.

As for why this is called Viva La Vida, it means “live the life” in Spanish, but it is a salute to living life to the fullest. And my hope is that you will live life to the fullest!

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Designing Websites to Make YOUR Business SHINE

After designing and securing websites for multi-million dollar companies, MJ Schrader founded Media Guard Group. Helping business owners have a site that looks great while being easy enough for them to maintain, and each has layers of design, branding and security.

MJ Schrader - Author

Author of Motivational Books and More

This is just the first of many books.

Due to my Love of helping people with technology there are also reports available on Amazon by MJ Schrader that were written or co-written for various companies I’ve worked to help them reach a wider audience

Speaker WordPress, Websites, Motivation and Fun

Speaker  WordPress, Websites, Motivation and Fun

While I don’t have any images of me speaking, I have been asked to speak on radio and at live events.  Use the contact form if you would like for me to speak at your next event.

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You Can Save A Life

Last week I wrote a post about Robin Williams and this week is another post about how to save a life. Lots of people had opinions about his death and suicide in general. But I want you to know about the lady at Whataburger who saved a life… mine

Good Bye Robin Williams, but Depression Lied to You.

Robin Williams died today.  It is believed to be self inflicted asphyxiation. On Facebook are the questions: Why would he kill himself?  Wasn’t he getting help?  Couldn’t he afford help? He was a comedian, how could he be depressed? There was the finger...

You Aren’t Picky, You Know What You Want

I had been told numerous times I was too picky or expecting too much. Yet, I decided that dating guys who didn’t love me, didn’t care enough to bring me medicine when I was sick, or bring me something I asked for, weren’t worth my time and energy. And I honestly figured that was the end of that..