Welcome to another of 30 Days of Truth Prompt for Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

Unfortunately on this one, I will go with a clean house.  I have a fairly neat house.   My desk does have it’s odd assortment of piles and currently my table.  But keeping clean requires dusting and sweeping dust, and vacuuming of dust.

I hate dust.

More importantly my body hates dust.

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When I was younger, the dust would make my face itch.  Then I’d scratch it with my hands and nails, which would scratch my skin just enough for the dust to enter my skin… and my face would turn blotchy red.  Now I have learned to rub my face on the back of my hand. But it stars with my face itching, then my eyes and nose.  Then starts the sneezing and sniffling.   Then my face starts itching more, and my eyes feel like they are on fire….

This is when I wash my hands, and arms, and face and start over.

I vacuum, sweep and dust, but frankly I will not win awards, unless someone is willing to offer me a million dollars to clean my home…  Please feel free to pay me a million dollars for a clean home.  I will do so for you.

Otherwise, the goal is to make enough money with writing, the design business, and card business to hire cleaning help twice a month.  At which time, I will take my allergic self  somewhere else to write.

Live, Dust, Sneeze,

MJ Schrader

PS  Day 13 will be December 16th  A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough days. (write a letter.)