Another of the 30 Days of Truth… Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I do believe those are both topics you are not supposed to discuss around the dinner table. This is another subject where people will curse you, no matter what you actually say. But let’s see if I can dance…

Felix the Cat

Politics is a mud slinging, finger pointing, denying mess. It’s the two kids fighting in the living room and breaking the lamp….

Religion, well, I can say, I grew up in a Baptist Church with both parents being non-denominational and open minded. I found a home in the Episcopal church in my late 20s, the ceremony is nice. I believe in God, I am learning yoga, I believe in the spirit, I believe love.

Now, to tell a story. I have a cat. He’s actually the neighborhood cat and I feed him. His name at my house is Felix. Felix the cat. He visits at least two more houses that have also named him. They call him different names than I do.

That does not mean he’s a different cat for them, he is who he is. He is the same cat, he always was (minus a couple parts). My neighbors do not get mad that he comes over here, nor do I get mad when he goes over there. He does what he does. There are no wars over this cat nor his comings and goings. We all love him and he loves us.

Love, perhaps if we focused a bit more on that …

I can dream, right?

MJ Schrader