Written in the early am, while listening to the rain… by the non-morning person that is me.

The Absence of Touch

Here I am, been awake since 4
Wondering what this life is for.
Lately writing flows surging river
Like not enough time to deliver.
But in the stillness of the night
Alone wondering if this is right.

Write the light inside that is love
Yet body aches for the gentle shove
Of hugs and touch, that internet denies
The cell chirps text, and my love sighs.
Friends around the world, in snow and rain
Yet the keyboard is sometime pain.

It is not warm, it is not touch,
Some days it seems like a cold crutch.
The ever companions dog and cat
But that is not where it is at.
Tis easy life for doubts to take,
Deny them, do not let fears awake.

And in the end, love wins as should,
Write, believe, dream, hope as I would
Soon writing will provide and pay
Friends, love, and touch will have sway.
Set forth my dreams, bring home my heart,
Written books, friends real, lover sweet, soon start.


Hear the Rain

Listen to the rain
Echoes for dark hours
Whispers of pain
And hope it flowers.

A blend of two
Different, same
Whispers of true
Feeling tame.

Wild heart, wild love
Friendship night born
Yet tamest dove
Is my life worn.

Whispers the rain…
Is this our tale?
We’re alone rain,
You and I sail.

Then cold light dawns
Dreams become real
Day warms and forms
New promise feel.

Today will be
Success glory
And hearts broke free
That’s my quarry.