Here are 3 of my poems.  I actually have a quite a few more, but most are older than these.  These 3, I have sent into a Poetry Society and they have each received Editor’s Choice Awards.

You Don’t See Me

You don’t see me, though I’ve been here.
You don’t hear me, with my words near
When I am seen, something they need.
When I am heard, words they don’t heed
My heart true gold, for friends anything..
Yet heart is sold, by some for nothing.
To bone it cuts, I’m sorry I’m kind.

MJ Schrader
Written July 2005 Copyright ©2007 MJ Schrader

Cynic believe

Before you, I quiet cried
Ever alone, dark full night.
Believed love was ever lied.
Love was never, never my light.Then saw you, amazed was I
Witty, gentle, funny, smart.
Love cynic must detoxify,
Sudden belief in the Heart.

Never before, was I moved,
Wanted belief, but ever shot,
Til you and beat grooved.
Best what You and I got.

MJ Schrader
written January 2007 Copyright ©2007 MJ Schrader

My Time to Shine

The world is my oyster
My oyster seems shut tight
Though I dream, scheme and wish
My goals never come up right

Dreams to take care of him
Wish to travel far and wide
Help my parents more than this
But it seems my dreams lied

What can I do or say
That would change this sad fate
Of wishing I could give more
But each day, same sad state

“This Will Change” I declare
To oyster world and self both
“Open oyster! Time for more”
“No more moving like sloth.”

It is my time to shine
Health and wealth will be mine
My faith in God in line
It is my time to shine

MJ Schrader
(written July 2007)  Copyright ©2007  MJ  Schrader