Okay technically, I’m writing this post 2 months after my birthday.  Life has been beyond busy.  But on my 40th birthday…. *sigh* I guess now that 2 months have passed I can admit that I am now…. yup …

Anyway, I had grand plans for my birthday weekend.  Lots of things to do, a party, friends, etc… none of that came to pass.  Actually I got to thinking, I wanted a very typical life.  A nice job, a husband, 2.5 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 cars, a house.  I have a house, 3 dogs, 2 cats.  3 if you count the cat who visits.  I decided to make my 40th year spectacular with a list of 40 things to do in this 40th year of life….  so here’s the list as written  (perhaps one item that should be on the list is to have a huge 41st birthday party)

  1. Meet: Wil Wheaton or Get autographed book from him or both!!
  2. Meet: Felecia Day
  3. Meet: Nathan Fillion
  4. Meet: Hug Kate Buck and get a picture with her!
  5. Meet: Chocolate Covered Katie.  (Sorry Katie, puppy Katie was named after Princess Kate)
  6. Get: Vitamix
  7. Get: iPad
  8. Get: Customized Jeans
  9. Get: New Mattress
  10. Get: Comic Con 2013 Ticket  (that’s in July so it’ll be after my next birthday so going is on next year’s list)
  11. Get: 25 monthly clients
  12. Get: Personal assistant
  13. To do: Change bedtime to 11:30
  14. To do: Finish Broken Angel painting (done June see to the right)
  15. To do: Hire employee (hired a VA in July, she is now the Vice President, this is a story for later)
  16. To do: Become Incorporated (in process)
  17. To do: Get toned
  18. To do: Become limber
  19. To do:  Make $10,000 in a month
  20. To do: Get Organized
  21. To do: Publish 2 books
  22. To do: Take Kite Surfing lessons
  23. To do: Learn Yoga
  24. To do: Join a class
  25. To do: Paint Living room
  26. To do: Ride a zipline
  27. To do: Take friends to the State Fair
  28. To do: Start making arrangements to move
  29. To do: build savings for new to me car
  30. To do: Eat cleaner and healthier
  31. To do: make arrangements to visit Ethan and Jan (visiting will be on next year’s list)
  32. Go: Trip in October
  33. Go: Cruise in January
  34. Go: New Orleans
  35. Go: Austin
  36. Go: Hot Springs
  37. Go: to 2 seminars

Okay you can count… the list is 3 short.  There are some private items that go over, but to make the list 40, I will actually let me readers add their ideas.   Let’s get this list to 40.  And to be really bold, I’ll even ask Lee Collins and Ori Bengal what should be on my list.


As for the notes above, things already accomplished… I’ll post more on those later 🙂


Live, Dream, Love

MJ Schrader