30 Days of Truth Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like [crap].  Please read the PS for when the next post is.

Unfortunately we all have someone who did this.  What hurts most is when it is someone who claims they care about you or want the best for you, yet every time you turn your back they dish out (crap).  Sometimes they dish it without you turning your back.

I could talk about the PE teacher who bullied me.  Perhaps my ex-husband, course he didn’t actually treat me like crap.  He treated me wonderful in front of his friends and ignored me alone.  It was an emotional see-saw that I couldn’t handle anymore.

No, the answer is easy.  The person who threatened to sue me repeatedly.  Yet, I could have sued that person for far more …

Web of Lies

Sexual Harassment: Goodness, I was naive… (actually still am quite a bit).  We worked together before my divorce; after, we agreed to become business partners.  Some of our clients hit on me, it felt weird.  She really wanted me to go out with some of them.  They were combinations of old, not my type, weird, drunks, smokers, possible drug users, dirty, profane etc…  at the time I wondered if she did not know my tastes.  On the rare occasion I would go out, they would know something very personal, that made me uncomfortable.  In retrospect, she was actually trying to hire me out for “other services.”

Failure to comply with contractual terms: To become a partner, I paid $$, in less than 18 months I went from having a nice savings to being over my head in debt. She promised roughly $30K between pay and bonuses after the first season, the second was to be more.  False. She took off work when she wanted.  Complained when I asked for time off, so I only took off once*.  She took off for nail or hair appointments, sometimes for her, sometimes for her daughters.

Threat: She repeatedly reminded me “your dog is home alone while you are at work… what if something happens?”  Another was “You KNOW, I know where your parents live.”  Unfortunately I was not certain how to report these since she didn’t actually threaten my dog or my parents, it was implied.  She had already beat up a lady in a parking lot, and tried to run over her someone, I didn’t know what to do.

Fraud: She said there was no money to pay me, yet she paid her home bills out of the business account, which she hid.  When I confronted her, or said I was leaving she “reminded me” about my dog and my parents.  “Hate for something to happen.”

Slander and Falsification of numbers: Clients accused me of making mistakes she miraculously was able to fix in minutes.  Then in a frantic rush one day, I watched her fix problems on a co-worker’s work…  she gave the wrong numbers so she could be the hero.

Fraudulent Impersonation: One client screamed and berated me for not working on his papers, problem is I was in another state (once*) when he dropped them off and this was my second day back.  He yelled that was impossible as he talked to me that day.  When asked about that, I “had told him my name on the phone that day” suddenly the partner and 2 co-workers standing outside my door scattered…

This was the final straw.   I quit.  I hid in my house, afraid to leave except with the dog.  I seldom went anywhere.  Plus since I was now in debt I had no money to go anywhere.

Then she proceeded to call repeatedly threatening to sue “libel” for talking about her around town.  Funny thing is 1) that’s called slander 2) I didn’t talk about her around town, because I didn’t go out. 3) One call, she accused me of talking at a club I only went to with her.

If she should see this, she might want to threaten me again, but she will not win.   Years ago I was a scared little rabbit, that marriage ruined my esteem.  Now, I am bigger, stronger, and happier than she is.  This is not to say I am physically, but I am emotionally, my life is about making things better for others.   This is why I live my life out loud on this blog….

Living, Laughing Loving,

MJ Schrader

PS.  Day 9 Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted will be December 1st.  There will be a personal post tomorrow.  🙂


For her, if you threaten me again: I am 10 years older and wiser. Your name was not mentioned, my readers don’t know you.  You would need to point out this post for people to know it’s you, in which you are saying this is correct.  You still owe me money. I have multiple blogs, and can easily record your threat and post it to MANY websites. If you don’t believe me, do a Google search of MJ Schrader which results in THOUSANDS of links and most of them are me.  I know people around the world  INCLUDING several lawyers within an hour who would LOVE to take you to court.