It was an awesome weekend.

5 words. It seems like so little, yet they mean so much. I don’t care if is true or not. Part of me is the cynic, the doubter, the woman who is not used to hearing such.

He is referring to a weekend long ago, a weekend that showed me what a relationship could be like.

A relationship where a man treated me like I am beautiful, wonderful, smart and cool. It was cool that I was intelligent, he saw me for my whole self. He treated me like every bit of who I am is beautiful This is the type relationship I should expect… that is if I dated.

The day after Thanksgiving  it will have been a year since I went on a date. Although date is a very loose word, it was a few days spent with a long distance relationship that was dying or already dead.

I thought about asking someone out once I kicked the sinus infection. (kinda hard to look cute when your nose is stuffed completely up) But see we are friends, and that is more important to me than dating him… which is a good thing … because yesterday I saw his Facebook relationship status is “in a relationship.” Great way to bust that idea, but at least we have our friendship which is in sync… dating might ruin everything.

More good

Today had other good things as well.  A day full of good things and good conversation with a great person… whom I met online.

How can you trust someone online, people have asked me… In the past year I have met in person Natalie, whom I met online probably 8 years ago, and Kelly Cooper, whom I met online 5 or 6 years ago.

The puppies that I have mentioned before are Kelly’s. Currently I have 5 puppies who are 7 weeks old. I will likely have them for another week or 2.

It has been a massive learning experience to have 2 puppies then 5. The lesson was to learn to be more responsible, which would have gone a lot better if the sinus infection that has haunted me all year didn’t finally move from my ear to my nose.

The lack of being able to breathe is not a great feeling, but it is great to have this infection out of my ear. The infection is moving out slowly, but it is moving out which it didn’t do with the prescription drugs my doctor gave me.  But it has meant many nights with too little sleep and too much nose blowing and even the Mucinex D Max Strength isn’t strong enough…

But it is improving, plus…

I have 5 puppies.

I have 2 online friends I finally met in person this year

I have an ex who says “It was an awesome weekend”  🙂


So what’s awesome in your world?
Live Laugh Love

MJ Schrader