If you are a new reader here; please note, this is my personal blog. It’s been going for many many years. It sometimes is funny, sometimes not so much.

But this is my life… long time readers know I have wanted to be a writer since I was 5, and that was why I started this blog. Recently I decided to make this place a bit more silly and a bit more random, because my other blogs require more professional behavior.

Yesterday I was upset. After the fabulous seminar, during which I got less than 15 hours sleep over 3 days, I decided to finally go to the doctor. For a month I have rotated between ear filling full, head hurting and dizzy. Mom had to drag me, I dislike doctors. The clinic put me on the strongest antibiotics and decongestant. My ear has infection, inflammation, blocked Eustachian Tube, fluid, and redness. Basically…


That night I woke up in severe pain, I hurt all over basically, and slept 4 hours. Then the gas company tore up my yard, and driveway to replace their gas line. They had to talk to me various times to explain things, tell me they busted my water line and the ditch witch was noisy. They fixed the water line before they left and will fix the driveway later.

Yesterday I noticed the faucet I planned to move, apparently busted. Plus, the meds really made my head hurt, on top of another barely 5 hours sleep. Fortunately I knew the meds were working.  I decided to distract myself by digging a trench to move the faucet back about 4 foot. Check out the digger I hired. (Today, after 6 hours sleep. I have temporarily fixed the faucet, I need to replace the gasket but with a few extra turns, it’s not leaking.)  But this was sort of my final straw of the week, because according to my to do book.

  • Write success and idea posts from the seminar.
  • Write articles.
  • Pull material for book
  • Write more, write this, write that.

Well, hard to write at the clinic, or with constant interruptions and machinery breaking up your driveway, and with a pounding head. Then there was the reminder that the missing friend won’t let me talk to the kids I call my nieces and nephews on their birthday. 🙁 So I got upset and frustrated and cried.

But why?

Last week was nothing short of a miracle.  Michele Scism emailed asked me to attend a phenomenal seminar. During which I met women and men who were simply amazing, bright, talented and inspiring without jealousy. Everyone lifted each other up and wanted success. It was personally inspiring to see and know there is a brighter tomorrow available and within my grasp. To those of you who are visiting, Thank you!

I had never met them before in person. There were some I recognized from blog challenges like Michele Scism. She is brighter and more bubbly than I imagined.

Michele, if you are here, I know you probably thought I was crazy thanking you all the time… but I felt so at home, I had needed to get out and be at a seminar again, to mix and mingle with online business people. After this many years of writing and working seemingly aimlessly with different people giving non-solid advice I feel like I have a chance… I feel like there is a future and a future that enables me to write and not do that accounting past.

The Ear and the Flu

Plus I met Carrie Wilkerson, who is a sort of a hero of mine. I was disappointed not getting a picture with her, but with her having the flu which I didn’ need with my ear.  (Infections are not contagious.) Then Adam Urbanski gave me ideas that I can’t even begin to explain! And Shahar and Nash WOW! Caterina is brilliant and very exotic.

Yet through it all were the people in attendance. Suddenly I knew who I want to help. I want to help women who have buried their dreams and confidence under abuse and other rubbish. I want them to find their light and inspiration, and…

apparently not “making your inner rockstar shine”

Which did not seem to fit the audience, so I am looking for a new catch phrase that fits. Also I talked to people about websites and VA work. I love doing WordPress, but I have decided to narrow my target, or work with others so we do packages. This is another income opportunity to add to book writing… since I am not certain how to get writing into full time income; at this point in time.

Then there was the email update. It freaked me out being 2 months ahead of schedule, but now it’s back on track for possibly happening in July. Now to raise money!! Since it requires money and is not definite, what it is… is for later.

My ear just popped, it been doing that a lot today. Guess the tube is “un-blocking” but I am going to take it as a sign it’s time for bed. If you are new here or not, leave a comment, tell me your thoughts.

And one more thing,

You are allowed a few bad days, but remember attitude will make a brighter tomorrow come faster.


Learn, Laugh, Love,