Change is not something easy to do. Yet, how else can we grow?

So here I sit, looking at some changes in my life.  These changes are temporary, permanent, now, soon, and sometime in the future.  These are based on some things that happened this week.  Monday writing, Wednesday a visit by dear friend who is special to me, and Thursday someone I have known for a long time who is becoming a friend.


If you there is a deadline for these changes to end, why not embrace them for the sake of seeing what will happen.  Perhaps the change will be hard.  Perhaps it will be easy.  Perhaps it will mean a time of utter chaos.  Yet there is an end, and then your life goes back…

Too often we say no.  It’s hard work.  I don’t care that it is short term… it’s hard.

I said yes to a temporary change.  It means that I must work harder than ever during work hours and learn to ‘take time away.’  It means massive changes at my house and massive changes to my schedule, meaning going to bed earlier, getting up earlier.  But I have been working to improve the going to bed at a reasonable time anyway!


Unlock Your Personal PowerPermanent changes may be bad or good.  A permanent change however is permanent thus the name.  Thus no matter what it is, good needs to be found within the experience. You are going to need to live with it, so make it good.

Other times you need to make a “permanent change” even a small one just to start moving towards your dream.  This means you might do something like I did.  Create a book, but not the “dream book” this means it makes the adventure easy.

The dream of becoming a published author is close to becoming true.  I don’t know if I should do a push to get this book in front of as many people as possible or to just release it and let it fly.  Sounds strange, yet the goal here was to get published.  Basically put it in my world.  Yet it is not just my world, it is Kelly’s as well.  As she is my writing partner and I want her success, perhaps I should push it for her.

Now, Soon and Sometime

Some changes happen now, some changes happen later.  Some you can choose when they happen.   Some won’t happen when you plan.

Now, I accepted a challenge to become a lighthouse.  Ok seriously I accepted that challenge long ago (only a few people know that true story), I just wasn’t certain when/ what that would mean.  But now is when that is taking place.

Soon, the temporary change and the permanent change… both are happening soon.  One next week, one next month.  I promise I am not keeping you in the dark just for the sake of it… Just I prefer to keep some things close to my vest until I know more…

Sometime, I am moving.  Many people have wanted me to move to Austin.  Yet, it seems the call of Dallas has gotten too loud to ignore.  People I care about have moved closer to Dallas, 3 are just north of it.  I am sitting here with an international airport, friends galore who are here temporarily or permanently.  They drift in and out and Dallas has been the hub of my existence since I was 4 years old.

This is not to say that it will always and forever be so, but for now this is where I need to be.  There is a job opportunity.  Friend opportunity, 2 friends have moved here from further up north.  Both are still north of Dallas, but a Dallas area move would put them within much easier or convenient distance.   Allen, Denton and further north become straight shots. Plus a third friend is more liable to move / home share with me if I move to Dallas.

Also the only family branch that remains is slowly moving back here.

Where in Dallas? 

It will be a quiet neighborhood, with large lots, near a greenbelt and a park. An energy star home that is big enough to have some of those temporary Dallas residents could visit or stay should they want (including a dear friend whom I’d like to know better).   Close enough to the action that most is under an hour.  Not the case right now.

Where am I looking?  Please see boxes on the map below.  I have several reasons to move to the western box.  I have a very important reason to choose the eastern box.  The parental units are not getting younger.

Change is what life is about.

Accepting those changes is not easy.  Already this year I’ve accepted that my grandparents are all gone.  This ends one complete side of the family.  It leaves only one branch still alive, the only branch based on love.   My children will have fur.  This is a mixed thing.

Moving, being closer to friends, becoming a published author, all of these are good things in my future.  Time for change is here.