So my birthday was last week. Which one?  Uh it was thirty (mumble). 

Then the question people often ask after a birthday is “What did you get??”  Well, that’s an interesting story. 

Wednesday May 28th, the day before, I hear a teeny tiny chirping from my back porch.  Turns out the Cardinals hatched some babies.  I have been trying to take daily pictures of the cardinal babies.  However the nest is slightly over my head, not a big issue except for the fact it is also in the middle of a rose bush.  So I have to find a hole for the camera and my hand and hope I get a picture.

Hungry Baby Cardinals

See it was Thursday May 29th, my day to work at Molina’s for a few hours.  Everyone was excited that it was my birthday, they scared me, by jumping out singing Happy Birthday and giving me a Sopapilla.  Then I went to visit ST and her kids, 4, not all 5, the oldest was doing something.

Noticed my foot started hurting, one foot turned bright red.  I have worn this pair of shoes 3 times, and now learn that I am allergic to them.   Went home changed to tennis shoes to wear to my parents house. My parents gave me a SanDiscMP3 Player.

Well the next morning was Friday, May 30th. My foot had one big blister surrounded by lots of little blisters.  I wanted to go for my walk so I stuck the big blister with a pin.  Then proceed to slowly pat it with a tissue to reduce the liquid.  4 times I patted it… then it POPPED!  Lots of fluid. A bit later in the day I took this picture 

Evil shoes did this to my foot.


CE and I were to have a b-day dinner.  He comes in that night, we find out that someone STOLE THE OIL TANK RIGHT OUT OF THE BOAT!  In my front yard!   Why??  What could they have wanted with an oil tank??  I guess they thought it was gas.  On the plus side they did not cut the tubes. (I got a new tank on Monday.)    We buy an oil disposal can and can make it work for an oil tank for one trip to the lake. 

Saturday May 31st We caught a BUNCH of fish.  But because I was afraid of things getting into my blister on my foot I taped gauze to it, and didn’t wear shoes because shoes hurt.  Unfortunately I didn’t get sunblock all the way to the tape.  Actually I think it’s because the blisters were lonely…  Now it’s June 1st I have a busted blister, little blisters and a sunburnt chevron on my foot.

The blisters were lonely, so I added a sunburn.

So all in all a very very interesting birthday.