I took the four poems and separated them!

Romance Me

Why do the creeps seek me?
“Hey baby, lets do the tango
The horizontal kind you see”
Sorry that answer would be no.

Change the alphabet for you
Would put I next to U
Did it hurt, when you fell
From heaven angel bell?

Hey let’s go to my place
For dinner; nothing more!
Where your hands all over race,
Hoping I be another score?

Worth love and appreciation
What you see is only part
But if you want only seen
You will miss the greatest art

Romance me, show me love,
Slow steady, I will amaze.
Take care of me, I will you
You might find self in daze.

~ MJ Schrader
October 2, 2008

I was asked out, which should be exciting. He was polite, the day I met him whilst I was out with my mom. But when he called to arrange our first date he basically said, “so your place or mine??” When I said public place he got mad. Lucky me, I have an Internet phone so I hung up and blocked his calls.

Bring More Love!

As dawn comes, I awake
Fills my heart, makes me quake.
Go to the park for walk.
Gentle cry of a hawk.
Smell the air fresh and blue.
See where the heron flew.
Up hill down, to the creek,
Watch the fish that I seek.
Smile little love a lot,
Simple pleasure, in this spot.
Sun shines on, time stands still;
Slowly I get my fill.
Feel the love inside rise!
People need this warm prize.
We live in a grand world
When life love we uncurl!
Fill your heart, life’s above!
Seek ways to bring more love!

~MJ Schrader
October 5, 2008

Had two friends comment about my poems being a bit down. So here is a Love poem to everyone! The problem with the world today is that so many people do not love themselves, so how in the world can they love another. While the Bible says “Love your neighbor as yourself” the problem is that people do not love themselves. I am learning.

Edge of Life

Years ago, upon a precipice I stood
Tween death and life, hating all food
Each day dawned, whilst I begged fate
To take me from this hellish life state.
Hope, faith and love, were gone from me.
Emotions good bad both had from me flee.
Twas why that dark death I did seek
Yet do not think, that I was weak.
Stronger than most, choosing to live
Live I did then, began I to thrive
Some day soon, this quiet phoenix will rise
All will say, “see this fire bird flies!”

~MJ Schrader
October 3, 2008

Years ago, I was in an abusive marriage. While he never hit me, he might as well have have, for the scars he left, took years to heal. When we divorced I was 20 lbs underweight, every rib was visible. I wore big shirts to cover me up, because I felt so lost that I did not like people to see me. He had separated me from all my friends and family, so the only people I had were his friends and his father. Now you are probably asking why I chose to write this poem now, I guess because I never have said what happened publicly. Only a few, very few people knew what damage was done, and even with this admittance, there are still more secrets. Some of those will be revealed at a later date.

Dare You…

Love, multi-splendor thing
Yet so oft pull from me
Longing for you I sing
Broken sorrow heart, please see

Men unkind and untrue
Desire win my sad heart
Lonely, maybe they will do
Want real love, so I depart

Sexy, beautiful, poet, lover
Writer, funny, artist, strong
Dear sir, spend time discover
And find sweet embracing song

I am all these and more
Inside soul, outside hid
Seek real me, secrets galore
Treasure find yourself amid.

Dare you! Dare you! Double dog!
See wondrous me! I call,
I know truth! Fight the fog!
And see I am worth it all.

~ MJ Schrader
October 1, 2008

Just tired of men not seeing me, all of me. They read the cover, say I am pretty and quiet. But they don’t take time to see that the real me is beautiful inside and out, and sometimes very far from quiet.