Well, earlier this week I booked myself to go to Unseminar 5 in San Antonio, Tx.   The seminar runs July 25th thru the 27th. 

Pat O’Bryan is the host, but the guests include Joe Vitale, of “The Attractor Factor,” “The Key,” and many more. I have read three of his books and followed his emails for years. Then there are Craig Perrine, Bill Hibbler, Donna Fox, all of whom I have watched their careers for a few years.  And others whom I am just now learning about.  

This should be very exciting.  I am going to meet people who are motivated and have achieved success with building an online business.  The attendees are people who working towards that goal themselves and I will develop lifelong friendships with other “portable empire” business owners.

Pat O’Bryan is the creator of Portable Empire which is creating a business that can be as portable as a traveler can be. 

And for those that have read my blogs you know I have long had a desire to create a paid membership website.  One of the guests actually built a business and sold it for a million dollars. 

The hotel is expensive but I will just have to make do.  While it sucks to do this while I am unemployed, I am taking a leap of faith.  Success WILL follow.