This is the notice my parents sent out for my Grandad (Dad’s Dad)

It is our sad duty to inform you that on June 10, 2007
at 12:24 in the morning Ethan Allen Schrader Sr.
passed away.  He had been living  at Autumn Leaves in
the assisted care unit.  He suffered from heart
problems and diabetes both of which had begun to take
it’s toll.  On May 18, 2007 his doctor decided that
his health was such that he needed more care than just
assisted living could provide.  Arrangements were made
and he was moved to the third floor at Autumn Leaves
on May 28 where he had around the clock care.  He was
extremely weak and tended to sleep a lot.  He was
settled in bed at his usual time Saturday night June 9
and when the hospice nursed checked on him shortly
after midnight he had quietly passed in his sleep.
He was buried beside his wife (Martha Windt Schrader)
in Restland cemetery on June 12.  He had a long and
active life.