Today is Halloween, The 2nd part of the title is a promise I made. 🙂   October 31st is also the 11th birthday of my black cat. Estimated birthday was end of October, what better day for him?


Serendipity brought this cat to me. I was a youth minister at the time.  Then a mom of one of the boys offered me a 6 month neutered black cat. We, the youth group and I, named him.  He and my other pets help me not feel alone.


Many people feel alone at various time in their lives. We hit rough patches. We feel like no one has gone through what we are, or even worse someone tells us alone is our destiny. In my life I’ve heard assorted things like the latter. Those were mostly buried until a friend yelled it at me.

I love her, and her family.  It has been months, since she screamed those words. Her children are important to me, as she is, I’d like to start over from ground zero.  She was asked to be there for me, when my grandmother died, in less than 10 days, she did multiple things that hurt me, including the above. She keeps telling me to tell her “what happened that (I) unexpectedly stopped talking to her,” yet I am the one who gets hurt again in telling her.  If that ends the friendship, so be it.


“That guy in NM” and I have dated 11 months now. This is my 3rd longest relationship. Just over 5 and 4 years was the length of my other two long relationships. Considering I didn’t date in school and have been out20 years. It means I have been single a lot. It also means I have very little experience with relationships, but this week, I actually did a crazy thing, I sent him an “I love you” text.

Mid July was the last I saw him. He came in for one night, for work. The disadvantage of having such a big state, is that he’s 10 hours away. I miss him. I wish he could visit here, my parents would like to meet the guy who actually peaks my interest. He’s just gotten a new job, so he hardly gets days off, never mind enough to come here, and money is tight here.  Hopefully the next paragraph will change that…


This week I started (their wording) “Showing people, just like you, how to make money and save money on their energy bills.” The cousin of “that guy in NM” is teaching me. Unemployed for 18 months is a bit draining. My goal is to train 6 people before the end of the year. Please let me know if you would like to be one of the 6.

Make it Work

I WILL make this work with the above company and reach Senior Director before the end of the year. Because I must. Because I want to. Because I want to have a flexible job and income that grows monthly. So I can see my boyfriend, so I can finally travel, which is something that was always part of future plans. So I can have time to write.

Making it work is actually something we must all do. We must make things work, at various times for various reasons.  Also if you are curious about the name of the black cat… it is in puzzle form. The first letter of each subtitle.

Make it so…

MJ Schrader