Sometimes life is simple. It’s black or white.

But most of the time life is full of so many different shades of gray, it’s hard to decide what to do, where to go, or how to act. 

It’s funny I really enjoy taxes, but not so much bookkeeping.  Then I am a firm that specializes in taxes but now they are expanding into bookkeeping and well, they don’t know a thing about it.  I am learning a program they don’t know how to use.  They don’t have any bookkeeping clients, but they want me to find them some, frankly I think I would be better off finding clients on my own. 

Then they are very very frugal, read cheap.  So they only have Microsoft Office on one computer.  The rest of us have to use Wordpad for any writing.  Well right now that’s only 2 other people but still…

The coffee is absolutely weak.  I am stressed and tired.