Today was perfectly planned. Finish a letter. Check my sales letter. Join Aweber, add it, and load autoresponder series.  Check sales letter again.  Contact Amember to make the website into a membership site, “yes I want Free and Gold, no plans for Platinum, but add it, just in case.  Yes, thank you very much.”.


What wonderful plans… but the best laid plans of tigers and women oft go awry.


Morning dawned, after a brisk morning walk, I worked on my letter, and then checked my sales letter.  I wrote it yesterday, but I took out a bit more, and changed details I did not like and added graphics.   I twittered about it, hoping for response, especially about the price. 


It was time for coffee so I took a break, and as I sat down to work again, my mom called.  She was coming into town (she lives 15 minutes outside) to run errands.  She wanted me to go with her, I debated my choices.  I need to work, my mom wants to spend time with me, and I with her.  She won.


We ran all over Greenville, when I got home, I put up my groceries, and started back to work.  I decided to read Freedom Power, when I heard rain and watched it for a moment.  It’s August in Texas…  Again I focused my attention to the book when the phone rang.


The small voice was that of my best friend’s 10 year old girl.  Her children call me aunt, and I feel closer to her family than I do my own, except my parents.


    “Aunt Martha?”

    “Yes, sweetheart?”

    “We’re having Cowboy Macaroni for dinner.”  She pauses, then rushes the next bit, “could you come out for dinner, ’cause I miss you and really want to see you.”


      Her voice is pleading, “Please??”


      “Thank you.  I love you.”   


As I walked in the house, I had a 17 year old boy hug me and tell me he missed me, a 3 year old boy run to me with open arms, a 7 year old boy say “Aunt-Martha-Look-at-My-Game.”  Then the 10 year old girl came out of her room saying, “Look at my room!”  She closed the door and showed me her posters and asked my favorite Jonas brother.  I say “Nick” seeing a few posters with his name, and then hear the 3 year old girl (twin to the boy) saying to the closed door “You in here Aunt Marfa?”


During my 20s, I was cut off from the people who loved me, and repeatedly told how I didn’t deserve love, and now I am the wealthiest woman in the world.


Because in all of the world… of all the riches this world holds… I have love. 


Perhaps my plans went awry, or perhaps they went exactly where they needed to be.