Armand Morin Live is being held in Dallas this weekend. This is a huge seminar I found out about last week, only because people were twittering about it. During the course of the week, I talked to Tony Laidig about getting together while he was here. I live an hour east of Dallas.

Well it takes just over an hour to get to DFW… but that would be DFW North. DFW is huge, because I was sure I knew which hotel he was at, I didn’t get directions. Yes, another point of brilliance. So the trip took over 90 minutes.

But well worth it!

When I got to the hotel restaurant, Tony Laidig was sharing a table with Pat O’Bryan. For those who do not know; Tony is THE Public Domain Expert. Pat is the KING creating a Portable Empire. He is also the sponsor of Unseminar 6, which I plan on attending next month. In other words 2 awesome men loving life defined by parameters that are different than the “accepted norm” of having the confines of J.O.B.s and money-less lives.

Locally I have friends who have 1 or 2 of the features not the combination. Locally everyone I know abides by the only way to make a living is by having a job and just scraping by. This is not my life. What I expected was to hang out. Spend time with people I care about, who are positive, hopeful, intelligent, and again outside the “accepted norm.”

Yet what happened in just a few hours was far from just spending time with friends. Within an hour my skull was cracked open and these 2 gents were pouring ideas straight into my brain. Then Pat left to smoke a cigar, leaving Tony and I talking. Unknown to Pat, although perhaps known to Tony, since he starting hitting more of them, they uncovered some roadblocks I have had. Most of the blocks are within myself, mental, emotional and other.

A year ago, I still introduced myself as Martha.  I was dating a man, who I saw maybe twice a month, but a dead relationship. Working from home was a failed dream. Now I am MJ. That man is still in my life because he owes a debt in my name. And while I haven’t made a living working from home, it’s once again a goal. Being portable, making money while traveling and living some place remote IS my future.

In some future blogs I will be discussing some of the following topics. Should I go in order or do some titles just jump out? Please share some comments.

Topics from last night

  • Hiding your light under a bushel
  • Cleaning Horse Stalls
  • Ska music
  • The disappearing Germans
  • Better than Perfect
  • Work v/s Work
  • Stuff ‘n Things
  • Fear of Rejection
  • It’s all about Networking
  • Your world
  • Oh for the love of Scotch
  • So we are all sinners…
  • Far from home
  • Visions of the future
  • Loving yourself
  • Unpredictable
  • Changing stripes

    Topics from this morning (further insights from last night, a chat with a friend and listening to Twenty Twenty.

    • Friends with Benefits
    • Social Media Friends
    • Kick a$$ weekend
    • Clearing Poisons
    • Debts vs pain
    • Impacting
    • We all need help
    • Above and beyond