This time last week I was in New Mexico, spending time with “That Guy in NM.”  The trip?  It was an adventure from start to finish.

Change of Plans

The energy sales I went into, resulted in exactly zero sales in one month.  To work that hard and get nothing is more than disappointing.  To see that parking went up by $2 per day was disappointing.  The plane sat on the tarmac for quite a while, then we arrived over 30 minutes late. “That guy” is working, so he arranged for his brother to pick me up at the airport and sent his number.  His brother tells me his wife is picking me up, but his phone dies before I get her number.  My luggage didn’t catch the same flight I did. Spending time with his family while “that guy” got off work, turned into being dropped off at one of their branch offices.   After the luggage arrived an hour and half later, things started back towards plans.  Needless to say with all these “changes of plans” I was STRESSED.

I still waited for him to get off work and arrive in the city where I was… but “that guy” is the ultimate salesman.  He got us a nicer hotel for just a bit more money than another.  He also wrangled  free breakfast, and they had a super nice buffet, with wonderfully delicious fresh fruit, which is great because we spend the next 2 days camping.

Family and Friends

There are campers, really good considering how cold it was.  Really wonderful neighbors, one who brought us slices of coconut custard pie.  I’ve had coconut pie… I love coconut pie.  I’ve had custard pie, I really like custard pie.  Coconut custard???   I had that piece wolfed down in a heartbeat.   It was so heart-warming to me to be like these neighbors, no blood, but part of the family.

This year has been crazy.  Mom’s mom died.  That leaves only her dad.  Dad’s family is gone.  When Grandaddy dies, mom’s family will be gone.  It’ll be my parents, my brother his wife and me. Some friends that I thought were close, didn’t call to check on my mom or me.  It’s funny; in a way, they are mad at me (right now) not wanting them in my inner circle anymore.  They want to be close friends or not friends at all, when they weren’t friends when I needed.

So here is my family is small, my friends circle is off kilter while I try to rebuild my inner circle, and in New Mexico, another world.  Their family is big.  “That guy” is one of 6 children.  There are nieces and nephews, there are uncles and aunts, there are cousins.  There are people who are not related but are extended family members.  To me this is beyond amazing.  Everyone asks about each other, and knows about “family” blood or not This is what I think life SHOULD be like!

“That guy in NM”

Then there is that guy.  He amazes me.  Some might say he’s rough and crude.  He is a guy.  He and I went on a private jeep ride.  It was insane!  Up hills, down hills, into crevices, it was wild.   We acted like a couple that had been dating for months when we met.  Now we have fallen into a routine of acting like we’ve been together for years and years. 🙂


It was cold there.  I packed for 30s in the morning 60s during the day.  Not for weather remaining in the 30s most of the day.  Anyway, in the cold, we had times of warming up in campers and cars, and I started thinking.  The energy business did not work, it may later, but why not pour energy into my old design store.  It always sells items, just not many.  Another thought was a business I loved; selling cards.   The goal is to make money.  Mom told me that she doesn’t want to see me in the medical field (you don’t either) or truck driving, the two job options right now.   So selling cards, getting my design store up and running, and maybe selling domain names are my real options.

Guess, we’ll see what I decide to do soon.  You probably see the 30 Days of Truth on this blog.  That’s still going.  I am doing one every few days, too many other things going on to handle it every day 🙂

How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you ready for Christmas?

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Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader


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