Much has happened.  You may have noticed a few posts ago the site looked different, now it is moved.   That post will come later.  This post was intended to be added 3 weeks ago as an update, but as things were being moved and sites created… it didn’t get posted. (But through the wonders of WordPress I can post date it to the correct time!!)

There were some questions that people asked me and I wanted to address them for any that are curious.

Why do you write about your life?

Years ago I learned people didn’t listen to me. I was a little kid in a world of grown ups. Until I was 10 years old, unless I was at school, I was alone or with grown ups. My brother is 5 years younger, we had trouble relating to each other.

But when I got overwhelmed, or confused, when I wrote, it cleared my thoughts. Be it that I didn’t know how to relate to people my age or being an introvert. Yet I never kept a journal, keeping a journal meant… knowing where the journal is, and write regularly. Like now I write a lot, but if you click the websites you will notice there are quite a few, but since I’d lose the journal I’d have to find it, and then I would not have time to write or the thoughts would be completely different.

Are you sure you are an introvert?

First off are you sure you are an extrovert.  You know you, and I know me.

Even as a little girl, I would walk on my own at camp,  find quiet corners at parties.   Then after a while reemerge and happily join back in.   Now, older and wiser my first walk around a party is to see who is there, who I can talk to when I need to re-charge, and acquaint myself with places where I can have a few quiet minutes to recharge. This is also why I may get antsy on long phone calls. And yes I like people, and I like talking, but part of the definition is energy declines during extended interaction.

At the all day event above, there were 3 times I left to be alone or have one on one time so my battery could recharge.  This picture was just after spending some quiet time with Joan, in pink.

Directly from Wikipedia “social networking sites have been a thriving home for introverts in the 21st century, where introverts are free from the formalities of social conduct and may become more comfortable blogging about personal feelings they would not otherwise disclose.” Thus this encapsulates the question 2 below (written before I found this sentence and the above)


That was yelled at me, thus it was capitalized.  No, I don’t.  In this case this person accused me of not getting married, dating or having children.   I was married for 4 years, but was more alone then than I am now.  Yes, I have gone through long dry spells of not dating, but I prefer a compatible relationship with a possibility of a future. I am dating currently, albeit long distance.  Not preferred situation but compatible.   Children, I wanted children when I was younger, it wasn’t in the cards.   As for always alone, I go to seminars, parties, meet and greets, churches and functions.  These do in fact involve other people and I enjoy socializing and meeting people.

Why do you write online?

I got online, found an early journal site and started using it. It was nice, it was there when I needed and I could find it regularly. When My Space came out with a blog, I used it. (but I moved none of the previous posts) At the time I was BIG INTO… Mafia wars… I think. (It’s been years) and would friend anyone who played the game. It never dawned on me that people would be interested in my life. But then comments started coming in, agreements, ideas, what they would have done, and how glad they were that I talked about… this or that. It made them feel less alone.

So now each time I have moved, I have moved most if not all of the previous posts. This time all the posts made the move.   The next post will cover the move, why I moved, what is this new website (  some other thoughts and such.

MJ Schrader

Live Laugh Love