Welcome to my blog once again. Last post I said I would tell you why the site moved once again. Hopefully this will be the last and final move.

This is who I am. MJ Schrader. In some ways it seems sad to me that it has taken near 40 years to realize who I am. Yet at the same point there are a great many people who never realize or accept who they are.

My birth name, the name that a few family and friends call me is my grandmother’s name. She died a month before my 5th birthday, and yet she left an indelible impression on my mind and soul. She is M***** Schrader. In Oregon there is another one serving the State Senate. When I started online, her name was everywhere online. Then when I went to my first seminar there was another person with my first name. It’s not exactly a common name anymore.

Anyway MJ is what an old boss called me. The one of the only 2 bosses I loved, in a platonic way, and the only boss I respected as a person. The other boss developed a drinking issue, which broke my heart and eventually killed him. All other bosses, I respected only as a boss, as people, I learned to not trust them. This boss treated me with respect and acknowledged my ability and skills. He told me several times to start going by MJ because he said it commanded more respect. Sorry Kirk, it took 10 years before I did.

Then when I made the change, I wanted to get a website with my name. Yet 2 problems appeared. 1 MJ Schrader was gone, according to Whois a Matt had it. He apparently also got a few other MJSchrader things. But that’s ok I wasn’t ready. 2. People have trouble spelling my last name.

Now here’s a quick list of other Schraders, That is actually Schroeder on Peanuts. Replace the oe with a and you got it. Paul Schrader is a famous screenwriter and director. Ken Schrader is a NASCAR race car driver. Schrader valves are on almost every tire in the world, it is known for that little center piece you can press to let air out or in. Libbie Schrader is a musician. And as unusual as people think my last name is, I am not related to any of them, as far as I know. Hopefully this list will help a few people with spelling my last name.

See as much as I wanted to go with LoveRockstar for a brand name, because it was easier to spell. That is who I am inside my heart. Plus there is a key here in my elevator speech, “Making your inner rockstar shine” I am MJ Schrader.

I am MJ Schrader.

My goal is making your inner rockstar shine.

Live Laugh Love

MJ Schrader