Movie Monday

People have asked me both what is Movie Monday and how to play it… So here’s the quick story.

So many people do not like Monday so I thought I would add some “spice” by creating “Movie Monday.” This is a fun game to make people smile.


Each Monday my Facebook Status will be a quotes from a popular movie.* I will post one hint which is direct link to the movie on IMDB.  IMDB does not put the title of the movie in the link, which is great for those who want to figure out what movie I am quoting, or if you want to guess.   If you click the link you can check it out.  If scroll all the way down to the bottom you can click quotes to get more quotes 🙂  Yes, that’s where I get the actual quote so it should be right.


But the rules of the game are simple.

Comment with other quotes from the movie.

I try to pick positive quotes from whatever movie. Last month I decided to start quoting only one movie on Monday.  Why? Because people would ask me later in the week, “what movie did you quote?” So let’s do a quick poll… stick with one movie with a couple status changes? Or do a couple movies on Monday?



* Re: Popular movie I am a bit of a sci-fi nut, but know people like romance so I will try to choose popular movies.  Also if you want me to quote a particular movie, please feel free to comment below 🙂



AND on another note check out my favorite radio station, it’s online. Mostly undiscovered artists, but it’s beautiful music and a wide variety. I listen all day and choose what type of music I want to hear that day.  Some days I listen to friends’ radio stations to find new artists.  Http://

MJ Schrader