Here is the summation of my week.
Friday morning, I find that the kitten someone dumped on my porch 3 weeks ago can’t walk.  She’s upset, sensitive to touch, and when I put her down she falls over.  I checked for broken leg, no, but she squalls when I touch her right front leg.  Call my vet.  Gone til Monday.  Call mom’s vet.  Gone til Monday. *CRY*  Mom, which vet do I go to???   She says go to the horse’s vet.  I call.  You want to make an appointment?  No. can’t I drop her off for someone to look at as soon as possible?
Naturally she is able to move when I get to the vet, albeit not well.  Plus she’s not her normal spitfire self. She was running a fever. After asking if I had other cats he tells me basically she has cat scratch fever.  “You know how it can make you feel bad?” the vet asks me.  Yes.  “Well she weighs 2.6 lbs and you’re bigger.”  “Give her Amoxicillin twice a day.”  It’s that pink stuff in the fridge that your parents gave you when you were a kid… yea that stuff.
Take her home.  Massage her little body.  Lay her on a warm towel.  She doesn’t move.  Check on her. Massage, reheat towel.  Help her when she does want up.  Friday night I visit a friend because I promised and I can’t watch Lilo anymore.  Half afraid she won’t be alive when I make it back.  We watch “27 dresses” eat a Hungry Howies Pizza with flavored crusts. This was Canadian Bacon (Ham), Tomato, Pepperoni with a Butter Cheese Crust. Fresh tomatoes, right amount of sauce, awesome crust. BEST PIZZA!
Lilo has moved a bit since I left, so I feel better about her.

Saturday Check on Lilo.  Reheat towel.  Help her.  After three calls, I finally get my ex-boyfriend to answer his phone, something has come up and AGAIN he can’t pick up his truck and boat. Then a now ex-friend calls “maybe if I make you really angry you will change your life!” Never mind I have completely changed my life from four months ago, and actually truth be known I re-invent myself every few years it seems. His “help” did far more damage than good.

Sunday With all the stress and the insults from the ex-friend, and my ex-boyfriend calling to remind me he wasn’t coming to get his truck I feel sick. Rather than fight it, I decide to let myself be sick, watch TV and de-stress.

Monday My brother and Sis-in-law were in town, but were going back to Lake Charles, (they live in Macedonia but are visiting SIL’s parents down there). I decide to take them to Main Event in Plano. They have a $20 a person Monday’s.  That’s bowling, laser tag, billiards AND a $10 game card for just $20.  So we go to Plano (50 minutes NE of here).  We eat at Abuelo’s.  SIL & I order the Enchiladas de Cozumel… *sigh* Divine.

Then off to Main Event, where we get our cards, we play billiards. We bowl.  2nd frame, on the last step (the step when you slide your foot) my foot slides, the toe part does not. This twists my foot, my ankle and my knee.  My foot hurts and my bad knee hurt.  Being incredibly stubborn and used to my knee hurting I keep bowling.  Except now I am lucky if I hit 3 pins.  Half the time I roll gutter balls.  I try using my left.  We start another set.  I play two frames and give.  My knee HURTS.  So they play the rest of my frames for me. Then we played laser tag, and I just guarded base, and shuffled around.

At 11:45 we head home.  For some odd reason there’s not a lot of traffic on North I-75.  A car slowly passes us, we are going the speed limit, it stays in the 2nd lane.    Another car passes, we’re going 65 that car is probably going 80, it gets into the lane in front of me.  While, I for some very odd reason I notice the exit sign and say 32A.

I look back at the road, notice the 2nd car has made it to the 1st.  From my lane the 2nd swerves, then does a U-turn in front of the first car.  The car runs semi-sideways through the plastic poles that separate the HOV lane from the other 3 lanes.  Then the car runs front end into the concrete median, then winds up facing wrong way down the interstate.

I started pulling over as it turned around.  When it comes to a rest I have my phone.  I call 911, apparently I am first caller. But I forget to turn off my car, or unlock it for my brother.  My brother gets out to check on the car’s occupants. The 911 operator answers Allen Tx (where we were) so I just go on with my spiel of where we are and what I saw.

They ask about occupants and I say I am in the outside lane, the car is 4 lanes away with now a semi in the way, but my brother is checking.  He came back and tells the 911 operator that there’s only a lady, and she seems dazed but able to talk. The police are arriving.  We wait until we see the lady out, and things look okay before we drive on.  And suddenly the interstate is back to normal busy… after the accident.

Tuesday: My body hurts from using it wrong to compensate for my hurt knee and probably tensing up during the wreck.  I can’t even bend my knee without it hurting or giving out. But I get my poems from last week sorted the way I wanted them and add some stuff to  My knee hurts so bad I opt out of going to the Monthly Dallas Internet Entrepreneurs get together.

Wednesday I loaded the ex-boyfriend’s truck full of his stuff. He better come pick it up and get off my property. Told Lilo to leave Salem alone.  Lilo leave the 9 year old cat alone.  Lilo stop.  Lilo! Although after spending 4 days rubbing her little bitty body hoping she will live, the question of will I keep or not is answered. (Of course having to de-worm her immediately after those people dumped her on my porch had me leaning toward keeping her anyway)

Thursday I went to my part-time job, boss wasn’t there.  He called at 10:15 to say his wife would be coming with the checkbook and bills.  He was trying overly hard to be very friendly.  So something was wrong. He brought bills that were over a month old, which upset me. It upsets me because bills get paid late, and he will yell at me for paying them late, and just because he likes to yell. So I left a note “I have got a new job.  Next week will be my last week. Martha.”  Then helped my friend cook dinner and take care of her kids….


This weekend my parents are going to a dog show, and I am one of the handlers. I take the dog around the ring, then make her stand correctly for the judges.


So my goal for next week is no dying animals, no witnessing accidents, no hurting my knee! NO? Ok, how about going to nephew’s birthday party, advertising my websites and starting a new one.