Twenty Twenty suggested that I find a hero. Years ago my hero was Harrison Ford, in some ways he still is. His career launch was due to Harrison installing cabinets in the home of George Lucas. George Lucas cast Harrison in American Graffiti. Then Harrison was again hired as a carpenter to expand George’s office and to read lines for actors in 1975 for the upcoming movie Star Wars.  With that Steven Spielberg insisted on having Harrison Ford be a part of the movie that made his career.

I definitely admire his leaving Hollywood to live on a ranch in Wyoming. He has donated half of his 800 acres to a nature reserve, due to his interest in Environmental issues. Of course my belief in preservation loves that, while part of me is mesmerized by the thought of 400 acres of privacy. Yet at the same time he and Calista Flockhart actually work at a soup kitchen every Thanksgiving. So his helping others, while keeping his personal life private, and his love of flying are all admirable and appealing.

What some of my readers may not know, is I have a pilot’s certificate. (Single Engine Land for pilots) Lessons and plane rentals are expensive so it is not current. However, airplanes have been family attraction for 3 generations on my Dad’s side. So there is still a great affection for those flying beasts.

To my friend James McDonald, a filmaker at LCA Films, Harrison Ford is role model thanks to Raiders of the Lost Ark and other circumstances. Yet I really must think back, actually in all honesty, I had sort of forgotten. Conversations with James, and Twenty’s request that I seek a role model has slowly brought my straying memories back.

In 1980, I was 8 and eagerly awaited Empire Strikes Back. As it was the first release we stood in line outside the theater for quite a while, and I stood beside the poster. For what seemed like hours to an 8 year old girl, I studied that poster. To me it seemed, Luke Skywalker was sort of whiny and whimpy, yet the other girls fawned over him. Han Solo was tough, and manly, the movie proved it as he saved Luke repeatedly.

Then came Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, and after interviews with him I was quite smitten. But being who I am, I must also respect someone to be smitten, which his causes, his lop-sided smile, gentle nature and yet manly persona filled that ticket. Every so often I feel myself give a lop-sided smile that I picked up from watching Harrison.

Now reflecting on all these thoughts, I am proud to claim him as hero again. Yet as I am changing my life, I also want a new hero to affirm those changes. Who better than someone who has revised her life, Angelina Jolie. For years she bore the marks of scary, if not bordering on psycho persona. Wearing all black, frenching her brother, wearing a vial of blood…

Yet now Angelina is a humanitarian, and a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. She has adopted three children from around the world, and had three others. Some might argue that her foreign adoptions are publicity, I would argue yes it is; for adoptions. She brings publicity to the children who need adopting. Just as I promote blood donation when I donate. Not for my sake, but to get others to JOIN ME.

Angelina also fulls supports Brad Pitt in his promotion of Green Houses and Green Building. They also choose homes that are elegant and stately. But she respects and honors Brad which is admirable.

She now stars in a variety of movies that stretch her mentally and physically. This year, 2008, she has been in Kung Fu Panda, Wanted and Changling, each completely different. While her past may have been questionable, she now presents herself as a lady, even noble. Beautiful, elegant, sexy, a lady, and Brad Pitt treats her as such. Tired of being the tomboy, and having less than noble men, I choose to be a lady and to be treated as such. (Besides I have nice full lips too. And my bottom is none too shabby!)

So Twenty instead of having one hero, I shall have two. Harrison for his conservation, and privacy, Angelina for her being a true woman and her ability to rise above, and both for their love of helping people and their drive to succeed at what’s important to them.


~ MJ