TWITTER HOW-TO TIP #82 My Tweet Map Idea

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My Tweet Map… This is more of an interesting Twitter curiosity than a defined Twitter strategy, but none-the-less it’s a very nice idea brought to us by Minot Public Schools, Tech Director Craig Nansen. In a like style, does the same thing only it’s for your personal tweets and followers.

One geo-cool idea would be to make an interesting Tweet (yourself), then immediately go to MyTweetMap and take a screenshot of your Tweet on the map. Then upload your screenshot image to or or better yet, post your screenshot on a web page or blog. Now you can tweet a link to your TweetMap screenshot anytime. This makes your tweet, as shown on a map, permanent.

It’s an interesting and eye catching strategy if you want to emphasis WHERE you are located, or WHERE you are going. Remember that within your Twitter account settings you must indicate a location – but also remember, you can change this location setting whenever you like; to fit your current (or future) location.


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