It’s not just a fear that has me not asking for help.  It’s the “well, someone has it worse off than I do.”   I write this and people are starving.  People were hurt in a blast.  People have lost limbs; people are “worse off than I am.” It is the that I haven’t fully accepted that it’s not selfish to love yourself.

And I hold on to what I have.  I don’t push the business as much as I should because someone else is worse off.  I don’t ask for help, because someone else needs it more, I don’t go out of the way for me, but I’ll do anything for anyone else.  If someone else treated me as bad as I treat myself, I’d get upset!

Quotes That Aren’t Quite Right



There are two lines often quoted from the Bible, yet as often as they are quoted, they are quoted blindly.  “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”  People forget it’s not money, but the love thereof.  So we leave love out of that quote and push it into the other quote.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is all about loving your neighbor right? Well, that’s what is promoted by many preachers and pastors.  But the forgotten part is “as yourself” so by hating yourself… you don’t love your neighbors as yourself.  You are hating yourself, and in a sense hating them as well.

So it becomes a common thing to hate you and hate money because loving yourself is evil, and wanting to make money is evil.  Thus you begin this cycle of repelling the very things you want in your life.

I know in my case, I was afraid of loving me. It was much easier to hate myself.  It has become easier to love me, but I still beat myself up for even little mistakes. And while I know money is what allows Bill and Melinda Gates to make a huge difference in this world, I struggle to pay my bills because I hate to ask for money for what I do.


I can’t donate to the causes that matter to me.  I can’t help my parents or even afford to get my pets and on the better diet that we all need.  The pets need better meat, and of course more of it.

Learning it’s Not Selfish to Love Yourself

So I’m here, doing the outrageous request challenge and going to probably start asking favors of someone every day.  *I still can’t think of outrageous requests, but I will do 100 somehow. *

Thinking someone else has it worse doesn’t enable me to help them, if I don’t have the means to help myself.  This means I need to venture from my comfort zone and start asking for help.  Pushing money away and being afraid to ask for payment doesn’t enable me to help others.  Hating myself does not allow me to love someone more, if anything it means I have to protect myself more or spend more time worrying over things that friends could easily help me with…

So I am here asking for help…

Choose one or two or more and help please!

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader