Odds are, you know someone who was physically abused, odds are you know someone who was sexually assaulted even raped. Odds are you know someone emotionally abused. Odds are you know several. Odds are in many cases you don’t even know this is part of their history or current situation.

My last post was “But he doesn’t hit me” which was talking about emotional and mental abuse.  Then on Thanksgiving, my facebook status was “if there are more than 4 women at your table, then one of them has been abused, molested and or raped. 1 in 12 odds for men.”  So after a few emails I knew this was something that needed further discussion.

Maybe the number sounds high. You may look around your family, or your close friends and say “no, nothing has ever happened, I know them.” But the truth is sad.

It may have happened when they were little. Maybe it happened years ago, or it may have happened just today. First off, no matter if it is rape, sexual assault, physical abuse, or mental abuse it is embarrassing and humiliating. Second there is a problem of who do they tell, who can be trusted.

Most any form of abuse or assault happens from people known by the survivors. Since so many know their attackers, who can they trust? Even when they develop trust again, there are victims who would rather close the book and never talk about it again. Others may only mention when they are worried about someone else, or the topic becomes of importance.

It’s not an easy subject to handle or to announce. But what about those odds… again the truth is sad.  Between friends and emails received I know many cases where this is a secret few know.   If you are a guy you know men don’t talk.  Men often feel emasculated by being abused so they are even more reluctant to talk.

It is not something talked about at the dinner table, so yes you could be sitting with a survivor, if not survivors. The odds are all too real.  The reason for this story is simple. When do we make this stop? What can we do to help it stop?

Watch for signs of abuse.   Watch for signs of someone having been raped.  Offer support. Encourage medical attention as necessary.  Do not push, judge or criticize.  Read below for signs and visit the sites to see how you can help.   If you are at a club and see someone slip something in a drink, tell someone.  If you feel sleepy after a drink, talk to a guard or management.   If you see abusive signs in your own relationship, seek help.   Remember respect, honor and most important love.  Put LOVE first everything else will fall into place.

MJ Schrader

Signs of Abusive Relationships

Fear of conflict, worried about upsetting a partner. Unexplained injuries, jumpy nervous behavior. Lose contact with friends. Change in activities, behavior and or appearance. Frequent last minute change of plans. Excuses made for abuser.   Click here to learn how to help a friend or family member who is being abused.

Signs of Rape or Sexual Assault from NY Times

Rape or Sexual Assault is a very traumatic event. The person who was raped may or may not be able to say that she was actually raped, or she may seek medical attention for a different complaint. Emotional reactions differ greatly and may include:confusion, social withdrawal, tearfulness, nervousness or seemingly inappropriate laughter, numbness, hostility, and fear.  Click here to learn how to help a friend who was raped