Why don’t you have a job this summer?  Is probably the most common question I get these days. 

People often wonder why I write in this blog about the various things I want to do.  It’s not that I have stopped wanting to do any of them, but the thing is I am a creative with a practical mind.  How can I turn my creativity into money?? 

Money is not evil despite what many say, it is the LOVE of money that is evil.  It is very hard to buy groceries, pay bills or much else without it.  I enjoy 4 months of taxes… then I lose interest.  Bookkeeping is not me… so what do I do?

I have kept track of Dr. Joe Vitale for a while.  He said something along the lines of do what you love, because you will fully come to life and people will see that and money will follow.  My soul loves just about anything creative… that’s why I work on my store http://www.cafepress.com/profile/mjschrader, why I want to paint, write, I would gladly accept an acting job especially if I got to play around with accents. Fortunately and sometimes unfortunately I pick up accents EASILY.  Can also mimic farm animal noises.

Stories creep around my head, images, pictures, drawings, whenever I have a class I like to have a notebook so I can doodle.  Oddly it helps me focus.  Some days the desire to be creative feels like the Nigara Falls, pulling, overwhelming, thunderous, enormous… and the almost crazed desire to turn it into something, anything, that could help people and further my creative desire…

Practical me is overwhelmed, confused.  It battles the creative screaming we must make money, we must pay bills, buy groceries, give money to help others….  but the battle is changing, the creative side is starting to grow stronger… so what happens now?