Three weeks ago I said I would catch up on the chaos that has been my life the last few months… This will should finally catch everyone up.

MJ Schrader, Platinum AuthorIn February I decided to write 100 articles in 8 weeks…56 days.  And on April 8th finished, 100 in 50 days!  COOL!!  I am stepping up my writing even more now!

This is a huge step to me…  and you will notice I do love the combination of MJ Schrader Author… Of the currently 148 live articles 86 have been published elsewhere.

I visited my grandparents as stated in the last post, and finally found the words to explain why family is so important to me, although blood does not make a family to me.  Especially after spending time with boyfriend’s family.    One of them in the midst of the chaos of first communion, brunch and family togetherness asked… “Are you thinking our family is crazy yet?”   “No, you are family, it’s just … perfect.”

But the biggest thing that happened in April was all the self discoveries.  The realizing why family means so much to me.  I care about my brother, sister in law and parents, but not about the ones who only care about me because we are blood, a family means more than that.  Family is love.

But that wasn’t the only thing I realized.  And some very wonderful friends of mine are about to hear an earful…

The first three will laugh over the use of their icons here.   First is Allison Smith Haley of AllicatCo. Then Bonnie Cranmer, she’s green (environmental) and business website oriented.  Next is Kelly Maria Clark, a life coach and a fitness pole dance instructor.  Martha Giffen is a motivator and encourages internet beginners.

My j.o.b.s. have greatly under paid me.   Actually Allison’s website was a game changer for me.   As sad as it is to say, I have gotten used to being under paid.   Not only does it not benefit me, it also has people undervalue my skills.   Yet considering the almost regular calls I get for hunting a problem on WordPress, I must have quite a skill set.

Each one of these fine ladies encouraged me to realize that I have a great deal of skills in the WordPress and How To arena.   It made me realize I could and should offer my WordPress lessons as a paid course.  The benefits of this upcoming course are OUTSTANDING.  Because in the end, people in the course are learning what it took me years to learn.     And instead of one course there will be two!

They are yet unnamed, because one course will teach Website Basics and WordPress site creation, like WordPress 101.  The second I guess would be a WordPress 102, because it will take someone who has some knowledge and teach them how to create the site, and have additional lessons 101 (or whatever it will be called) does not have.

Both courses will have at least 52 lessons.  Yes it seems like an overwhelming number, but this is a lesson per week.  The lessons are big enough for you to grow and small enough not to overwhelm.  There also will be freebies and specials thrown in.

So if you have opinions on course names… please tell me.  Price opinions?


By the way my birthday is Saturday!  If you want to get me an Amazon card I’d love it 🙂   *hey a girl can dream