Good bye 2010.

You started evil, included the worst summer in my over 30 years of life. Like any roller coaster, there are hills and valleys, thrills and disappointments. The journey teaches lessons as it goes, as long as we are willing to learn.

The Top 10 Lessons of 2010 will be covered on The first post in the series will run January 2nd. But that is my professional blog, while some of the lessons were personal, I tried to cover professionally. If you are here, you are wanting my personal side.  Thank you for followed me for 8 years through all the blog changes.

First the negative

The year started bad, part of the ceiling in my garage collapsing on the first day. Then the year went average other than low income until June 1st, starting the summer from h*ll. My grandmother had unrecoverable stroke, 3 lumps confirmed in Grandaddy’s lungs, treatments are not an option. Rats trashed my garage, weeks of poisoning meant dead stinking rats in my walls during a hot summer, a constant reminder.  My dog developed a food allergy, my cat a urinary problem, the plumbing problem.  Grandmother died.  We worried Grandaddy was going to die. Funeral stuff.  My closest friend, knowing my history, turned it against me, attacked me verbally, (attacking my life, boyfriend, and I in January) then disappeared when I asked for help. No other close friends locally. I missed Unseminar 8, WordPress business crashed, Energy biz crashed.  People who knew some, how flow was constant, who wondered how I bared it, often I did too. Others stepped in with tons of advice without knowing what was happening, my personality or needs, when what I needed was friends not advice. Money went from tight to even tighter, and then…

and then….

The Good

Vicki seemed to call the times I needed a friend the most. She is more powerful than she knows. Kelly stood beside me, a bright light in the storm. My mom understood, both her and Dad encouraged my dreams.  Ethan and Jan offered love.   Tam and Rhonda offered gentle guidance that anchored my soul. Fred is my heart and allowed me to step away from the storm. Many of my Unseminar friends (Karen, Kate, Barb, Ann, and others) started contacting, reaching and, guiding me. The Maestas family took me in as my own family shrinks.

Allison, Bonnie, Brenda, Brandi, Holly, Jacqui, Stacie, Steph, SSSemester and many bloggers went from being people I knew, to reaching my soul and heart. The McNana family gave an online family.

Offline, Tayelor and I enjoyed many cups of tea together.  Kandi and Leora asked me to share lunch and understanding my tight budget. Susan P and Susan S appeared at the same time, both beautiful radiant souls. Tony gave inspiration. Prince was and is Prince. Keli, Heath and other classmates offered comfort. Then the jump back into SOC that brought more love than before. So many more… so much. Thank you.

Thank you for everything…

my budget may still be tight but…

I have all the riches in the world…

I have all the riches in the world…

I have ALL the riches in the world…

For all I lost, I gained so much more, there was more to this post… stuff about other changes, but the only note that matters currently is love.  To everyone reading this, to everyone

Thank you for giving me more than money can ever buy.  You are all rockstars.

May your inner rockstar shine with more light than you ever knew was possible.

I Love You!

MJ Schrader