Life has been interesting. A week ago, I was excited to have my first scheduled day off since January 18th, yet when I woke the next morning I was running a 102.6 fever. Actually that was my temperature after I took a shower.

This is tax season, prime time tax season. Employers are required to make W-2s available by January 31st. So getting sick the first week in February is not really an option, actually nor is the second week. The last two weeks in January and the first two weeks in February are basically the busiest time of the tax season. I have been working 65 hours or more per week.

By missing a few days during this, it really hurts my bottom line, so I forced myself to feel well enough to work. Yet, this has meant that my flu has lingered on, and is still with me a week later, making me wake in the middle of the night to cough. This is wearing me out, yet it is also wearing me out knowing that my hours are soon going to be cut.

Yet, with the cut in hours this will also mean I will have more time to write. If I set my mind to it, I can finish with my book before tax season ends, even start selling copies of the book. By selling before tax season ends then maybe I won’t have to look for a new job. Truth be told I don’t want to look for another job when tax season ends, but I need to keep making money so I can start saving up for a new home.

Oh how I want a new home, mostly green, yet I do want a great big shower with multiple shower heads, and room for two. But I can use some method to save the water from the shower to water the yard. That would help both the yard and allow me to enjoy a shower. But first I have got to survive another busy week, then finish my book while working extra hours at work. So life’s busy, hopefully I will be able to get back into my weekly writing this week.