Time always marches on by

You stopped, grief and more

Yet stayed, never restarted

Your life has more in store



I waited quietly, for you

Then protested, growing pain

Yet still you did not move

Loving zeal is now plain


Our souls combined in fire

Stand now in dull broken ash

You can fix this, not I

Yet, you ready to dash


I hand you tools of love

Even the how-to-solve guide

But you say, “This was fun

I guess away I will slide”


Try to save us, I beg

“Guess we weren’t to be”

Give.  Don’t always take

Is that too high of fee?


Over now.  Sorrow.  Please try.

You say this opened your eyes

But seem glad to say bye

Make me wonder your lies.


Goodbye my love, my heart.

Your eager goodbye, opens me

My love shall briefly wait

Then new love I WILL SEE.




Martha Jo Schrader

July 19, 2008.