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Model avatar2Hello!  My name is MJ Schrader.

My motto is “Live, Laugh, Love.”

Why? Because you are amazing, wonderful, creative, and more powerful than you realize.

In life, we get dinged up, scratched, battered and bruised and the rockstar we have inside, gets buried.  Yet, we all have that inner rockstar.  The person who wants to shine and dazzle the world with the uniqueness that is you.   When you uncover this person, you shine.

You know what your life purpose is.  Even if you do not, you are ok with it going down the path of life until it comes.  Either way you shine, and that sparkle that sizzle of confidence and success is what makes life easier and makes it flow.

Perhaps you don’t think it’s possible to change.  Perhaps you have or had thoughts, that no one wants me, everyone around me is always mad, everyone is yelling, everywhere I go people say mean hateful things, I must be ugly, something must be wrong with me.  For  years I went through the darkest point in my life believing these things.  They weren’t true for me.  They aren’t true for you.

If you are ready for a change, join the newsletter here.  Or check out the other sites, there may be one that fits you.  Perhaps you need articles or videos, check out the media.  Your answers are on this site.  Choose the paths that suit you and watch your inner rockstar shine.

My Story:

After I turned 18, I had a boyfriend who called me names and treated me like trash.  I could say he was my first boyfriend and I didn’t know better, but I was blinded by the desire to be loved.  After him was I dated a guy, who gave me balloons,  and was into public affection, and it seemed wonderful.

Yet after we got married, it became two extremes.  He sent balloon bouquets to work, ignoring my pleas for flowers or something less big.   In public he was affectionate and boasted of my accounting degree.  In private, while he expected home if I was not at work, and to eat similar to what he ate, he ignored me.  He did not trust me with his checkbook or money.   At Christmas he’d ask what I wanted and make certain to not get that item.

After years of putting up with the conflicting information I said we needed counseling.  He left.  Feeling unloved, unwanted, and neglected I went through a long period of darkness.  Adding to the despair, I kept getting boyfriends and friends who used me and increasingly hostile work environments.

Finally entering the light again, I realized how many people have those feelings or similar feelings.   There are so many people who forgotten who they are.  Forgotten that we all have a rockstar inside.   The rockstar is the confident person who reaches for the big dreams, who expects to be treated with respect and respects others, who makes decisions while considering others.

This is someone that I lost.  While there are many who preach that we must love our neighbor as we do ourselves; if we hate ourselves then loving our neighbors is not going to work.

Now I am a writer, author, speaker, and video blogger. Teaching the world that if we learn to love the person in the mirror, then we can share that love easier, success comes easier, laughter is happier.  We can reach others by reflecting their beauty back.

Join me in the journey.  Visit my other sites, they are listed above.  Yes, there is one that does not quite fit the Live, Laugh, Love model, because I do enjoy working with WordPress.  For a few years I taught and created WordPress sites, and still do on occasion.  The course is being converted into a manuscript for publishing with 30% of profits going towards charitable projects.

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Live ♥ Laugh ♥ Love

MJ Schrader