Why I Say “Thank You”

What if we all started to appreciate the people in our lives? What if we realized how the little things are often more important than the big, and appreciated those and the giver too? Would lives change? Would the world change? Would there be more love in the world? Appreciation takes so little time, so little effort and yet the impact is big.

Weak Knees and Other Weak Links

We learn to enhance our strengths and hide our flaws. This is partially a defense system, partially because we like to be appreciated and have people see us as skilled and so we hide our weaknesses. However sometimes in hiding our weaknesses, we enable them to grow.

Changing and Staying the Same

If you are feeling irrelevant, you aren’t… but something in your life does need to change. and It’s ok to say, I don’t know where I’m headed, but I can take this step… and wait and see where the path leads

It’s Ok to Fail, You ARE enough

I started writing a post about how I had been staying up for 30 minutes to 2.5 hours EVERY SINGLE night for about 3 weeks, with my brain churning through circular thinking, of should I or shouldn't I...  What to do about situations that have both pluses and minuses....

You Can Save A Life

Last week I wrote a post about Robin Williams and this week is another post about how to save a life. Lots of people had opinions about his death and suicide in general. But I want you to know about the lady at Whataburger who saved a life… mine

Good Bye Robin Williams, but Depression Lied to You.

Robin Williams died today.  It is believed to be self inflicted asphyxiation. On Facebook are the questions: Why would he kill himself?  Wasn't he getting help?  Couldn't he afford help? He was a comedian, how could he be depressed? There was the finger pointing....

You Aren’t Picky, You Know What You Want

I had been told numerous times I was too picky or expecting too much. Yet, I decided that dating guys who didn’t love me, didn’t care enough to bring me medicine when I was sick, or bring me something I asked for, weren’t worth my time and energy. And I honestly figured that was the end of that..

Confession 10: I Was Wrong about Love

I didn't realize until recently how wrong I have been about love. While I knew love was supposed to be unconditional, and there is a whole passage in the Bible about how love is patient, kind, it is not easily angered, nor keeps record of wrongs and many other...

Confession 9b: I am a Highly Sensitive Person

9b?  Yes, there was a 9. It's now a private post.  I sent it to one of my best friends; Janet, she's been trying to help me see the real me.  She sent me to the Highly Sensitive Person test again. And told me to take the test again. (God bless her)  Of the 27...