Another of the 30 Days of Truth,  Day 10 Prompt → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.    Day 11 → “Something people seem to compliment you the most on” will be December 8th

Have you ever seen Mr Destiny?

In the movie Jim Belushi is quite certain his life will be much better if only he  had not missed baseball during a game.

Well, on this particular evening he tells someone at a bar who grants his wish.  Sure enough his life completely changes.  His life looks as he thought it should have, if he had not made a mistake in the baseball game.  He has everything he thought he should have, except his old life is what he realizes is what he wants.  Everything in his past that was now missing, is what made him into who he is today.

So in this aspect… everyone made me who I am today.  I live my life out loud, and want you to make your inner rockstar shine, because of all the dirt thrown over my inner rockstar.  It has taken a while for me to dig out from all the dirt, and I am probably the worst offender.  Blaming myself when I was abused, molested, yet not walking away, the sooner I had walked away the sooner I could have found my inner rockstar.  I am still trying to make that star shine… but I am working on it.

Yet all this dirt, all the people who entered my life and did not treat me right gave me wisdom.  Wisdom to say, “no more” and wisdom to say, “how can I prevent this or at least make the path easier for others.”   This is what made me realize that other people have all sorts of dirt and other things thrown at them that keeps that inner rockstar hidden.  The sooner you find your inner rockstar the sooner you can shine!

Live, Laugh, Love and SHINE ON ROCKSTAR!

MJ Schrader