Another 30 Days of Truth Day 13 Prompt ~   A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough days. (write a letter.)  I wrote 2 Letters…

Dear Moody Blues,

My parents loved your music, both in words and music.  The words always seemed to carry significance and there was always something that moved me.  When I was young there were lines that just seemed to echo in my soul and help me feel more in tune with the world.  My mind oft races and your music slowed that feverish pace.

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As I got older, the tunes, upbeat, rhythmic, slow, melancholy, always seemed to be right to help me sift through whatever thoughts were consuming me.  Then this past year I noticed, or rather realized how often your lyrics are laced with love, far more often than the average group.  In broken hearted and sadness, even in anger your songs whisper love. Love is the only thing that matters and makes this world a better place.

If we stopped focusing on pain, hunger, who has what, or what we do not have, and instead focused on love the world would change. …

And when you stop and think about it
You won’t believe it’s true.
That all the love you’ve been giving
Has all been meant for you.   ~ Justin Hayward

Question From Question of Balance

I would love to meet you probably never will, but thank you for being a teacher. ~ MJ


NOW: A letter to a musician I know

Dear Lydia Ashton,

We have not met in person, yet your heart shines bright.  In many ways you reconnected me with my heritage and family long gone.  Yes you are Swedish, but your name reminds me of my grandmother’s sister Lydia, which is why I introduced myself to you.  Now hearing your traditions, you remind me of their German heritage.


Your music has touched my soul, both making me smile and bringing me to the edge of tears.  Now as you score films, I am amazed at the power behind your music.  Although I think “Here we go again” will always be my favorite.

Over the summer I lost close friends, yet with emails and other electronic media you kept a light shining as a lighthouse upon the rocky shore.  My boat seemed so fragile then, yet you and other spirits helped me patch the boat and it is even stronger than ever.

Your children are beautiful, inside and out.  The stories of their unique and amazing spirits makes me all the more amazed at you and Nathan.   Lydia, thank you for being a musician, and a friend. ~ Love, MJ

Leave Me from Daros Films on Vimeo.

Live, Laugh, Sing, Love

MJ Schrader

PS Tune in December 20th for  Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)