Whoops I got out of order… I skipped Day 14 and 15 of 30 Days of Truth.    Day 14 prompt is → A hero that has let you down. (letter)  Day 15 and Day 16 are basically the same. So I will cover Day 14 today and Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something on December 30th.

While I am supposed to write a letter to a hero who has let me down, the problem is I have been mostly realistic, even as a kid realizing that people make mistakes.  There are people I called hero and decided that they no longer were worthy of that kind of ranking.  There is a recent disappointment however.

Dear …. ,

You called me, saying “Don’t worry. I won’t let you fail.” I said, “This is my insurance payment.” You insisted, you’d help. You told me I was over-thinking. You are like family, your family said trust you, you gave me a list of people to contact, so …

Days later, my first prospect wants rates. You tell me where to look. I look. That state won’t be covered for days. Making me appear a minor fool in front the prospect, then major fool moments later when I realize there are NO plans to cover that area. The people you told me to contact are not in areas covered. Where I have friends is not covered.

I am getting frustrated. You say you’ll call, you tell me to learn better sales techniques. The policies and procedures says, I can only talk to people I know, who aren’t in areas that are covered, I can’t write about it and nor use social media.

After a month I tell you I feel abandoned and deceived. You called before, a couple times. Then none of the areas you said were covered are. You said you would call and never did. Your only offer to help is to talk to your upline. You act upset, like I didn’t try, because I refused to call a my boyfriend’s nephew whom I barely know and with whom I want a good relationship.  Yet I tried, but I feel deceived… You knew this was my insurance payment and you offer to teach me better sales techniques when I can only sell to people I know and no one is in the areas. I respected you. I put my trust in you. Your family said you would not let me fail…

you failed me.

It also means you do not respect how I feel about someone.  The importance of being able to make money to see him was explained.  I wonder if you cared about me at all.   Love is my rule, so I love you, but this does not mean trust …

Now, I went back to an old job.  Could you surprise me and support me in this?  Even better participate?  It would help renew my faith in you.