Next up… Another 30 Days of Truth, Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Wow, we are going into the deep stuff eh?

Doctor's Best Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM

I believe in Homeopathic medicine. Therefore drugs in most every sense is not preferred. Unfortunately I get migraines and have tendonitis from severely damaged knee. This means I do keep Ibuprofen and headache medicine (read: generic Excedrin) on hand. I also keep a couple flu meds on hand.   Then take a daily vitamin and a joint vitamin, like the one to the right.

Because sinus problems run in the family, I do sinus rinses almost daily. Sometimes adding hydrogen peroxide which is great for colds or cayenne (yup that hurts) for sinus infections. As for doctors, I try to avoid them.

How much?

When I was in high school I was kicked 3 different times by my horse. There was a bone fragment in my arm and still one in my jaw. The other time did not make solid contact. When I was married, after a long work day, I sliced half way through a finger which still bears a minor scar. Yes, I pulled it open daily and poured peroxide and alcohol on it.

Often, such as in that case, I gave time frames, so if it did not improve in X days or it got worse then a doctor appointment would be made. As you are reading this, I must have survived. 😀 And I have gone to the doctor 2 times for failing to meet the better in X days point and once for getting worse.

Many people get antibiotics for colds. Antibiotics won’t help. Many infections will go away on their own. Then I have a friend and a family member who have gone many times. Both are now allergic to MANY pain killers. One is has reactions to many antibiotics, the other is on antibiotics almost all the time. Probably been on them so long they no longer do anything.

What about alcohol, how do I feel about that?

When I was little, I helped Dad brew beer. He stopped and in the past 3 years we both started brewing. The German ancestry flows there.

And Mike?

Yes, Mike is not German, but he makes a mean margarita. But I am a fan of beer from the store as well, and sangria malt beverage (Bacardi).  I enjoy a beer about 3 times a week.   Note the picture,  a single female grocery run is different from a single guy run, with Caramel Macchiato Creamer, Sangria, and Mike.  Ah Mike…

Live, Laugh, Love,

MJ Schrader