Ok, in the last post I talked about my one word theme for 2011. Before I tell you my word for 2012, do you understand the one word theme?

It was something I read on Mari Smith’s blog years ago. But the basic concept is that for many of us it is pretty hard to make resolutions that you will still be doing a month from now, never mind a few months or a year.

The one word theme gives you a touchstone that you can decide and factor into the things you do. You can use it to change multiple areas of your life.   Or use it as a guide, something you want to align yourself with to grow throughout the year.

2010 I believe my word was Growth.
2011  the word was Change.
2012 This year my word is Devoted.

On FB someone asked about one word themes and someone responded their word was “Devoted” the word resonated within me.

While visiting friends in Austin,  I really tested and felt out “Devoted.”  Sitting at The Oasis surrounded by beautiful bright shining people I knew DEVOTED was 2012.    (Thank you Jillian for being my host)

It was such a cool experience to spend the New Year far away from home surrounded by people who hadn’t met me in person, who loved me anyway.   They accepted the fact that I disappeared from time to time, for my solitary nature.   The experience filled my heart up to overflowing.

Then we visited the Oasis that had the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in a while.  Hard to enjoy sunsets surrounded by houses and trees, so this “straight line access” was wonderful.  And inside was a group of 7 women all rockstars, all business owners working towards improving relationships, the world and their inner selves.

Why devoted?

Last year change meant finding and using my voice. Change meant changing how I view friendships. Change meant looking at life differently, seeing my own part in what was happening in my life.

Devoted will mean staying true to my heart. Devoted means making my voice heard, and accepting that this will hurt people. Devoted means being devoted to building real friendships, offline as well as online. It means working towards more income and increasing my income through writing. Devoted to my writing. Devoted to improving myself. Devoted to my health. Devoted etc… and so on…

With friends this means being a good friend but not allowing myself to be run over or used. Basically this means whittling off the areas of my life that are not true to the theme of who I am. It means building the areas where my life is not as true as it should be. Devoted to being the person that was hidden for so many years underneath the garbage that life brings.


Yes, life brings garbage. We enter this life thinking pretty much anything is possible. We hear what people say. “Money is evil” “If it weren’t for bad luck …” and a million other sayings that mean life is hard.

We hear that “you aren’t good at that…” hopefully followed by “try this instead,” that’s not always the case. We hear you failed, you aren’t good enough.

The problem is the acceptance of it. Acceptance that it’s unchangeable, it’s a fact and it’s part of who we are. Look at how many people have overcome odds that were against them.

Do you want to settle for a life that others say is acceptable? Do you want to find your own life and shine?


Shining LoveIn a way I started on the “One word theme” in 2008, except the theme was “Love Rockstar” and started mid-year. It was an underlying theme to find that “rockstar” the person underneath the debris. Then let the “star” shine, and for whatever reason I knew it had something to do with Love.

That has been a shadow to all the themes since and will be in the future. Part of the change was realizing that I was love. When you love yourself, fully and completely, you don’t need to find acceptance from others, and will overflow with love. This overflowing of love splashes on those around you and they reflect it back to you. This overflows your heart even more… and it becomes a do-loop of hope and love and more.

Now, what is the future you want to see?
What makes you shine?
What is your 2012 theme?

Please share in the comments.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Live, Light, Love,
MJ Schrader