30 Days of Truth Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

In my notes for the challenge, I wrote writing.  I do love writing.  Yet today I realized something, I love that I am growing.    Today someone said something rude about the fact I decided to do network marketing instead of getting a 9 to 5.  Another person told me again how I deserve being alone.

Day 02 Something you love about yourself.

No one “deserves” to be alone.  For those who look down on network marketing, regular jobs are often not much different.  Look at your business structure.  Look at who gets paid the most.   But I didn’t think about these things at the time, and the comments hurt.

But I am growing.   Years ago I would have held this inside, allowing it to demoralize and break me.  Years ago, it would have caused me to back out of the business sooner.  This time I *WILL* make this work.

Now, I live my life out loud.  It’s my release, since I am often alone.  It’s as real as crying or getting mad and far better than swallowing it all and allowing darkness to consume.   There was a time when that was all I knew.  Darkness.  That is for tomorrow.  “Something you have to forgive yourself for”

But for today, I love that I am growing.  I love that people are asking me, “Do I know you?”  They have read my writings, they have heard me speak, they have heard about me.

I live my life out loud, I grow here.

I grow so you have a path… should you need it.  I grow out loud, so you are not alone.  I grow because I know there is too much pain and suffering and “There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation in this world than for for bread.” ~ Mother Teresa

So in my growing, perhaps you can recognize another soul who needs love and appreciation and give those to them…

I love you!
MJ Schrader