30 Days of Truth ~ Day 6 Something you hope you never have to do

First off, I decided with other things going on, that I would start writing these every few days.  It does say 30 Days of Truth, but that does not mean in a row 🙂  Unfortunately work took me away so this was more than a few days break.  I needed to get business growing before Christmas.

Something you never have to do?

Growing up, I said, “I will NEVER get a divorce” and I did.  When mobile phones came out, I said, “I will NEVER own a mobile phone.”  (Note: Mobile)  Now a cell phone is the only phone I own, since where I am is almost indeterminate at any moment, that’s the only way to reach me.

I said, “I will NEVER disown family members” because my grandparents had disowned various brothers and sisters.  Three years before my grandad died, I disowned him.  He hounded me at a family party until I broke down in tears and had to get my dad to get him to leave me alone.  I said, “This friend is like family, and will NEVER leave me” instead the friend turned off her phone when I needed her after my grandmother’s death and didn’t call.  I said, “I will NEVER not be able to afford Christmas” and last year I couldn’t afford it.


That has not worked out so well.  But as it is a 30 day of truth, I hope I never…

“Make $500 million dollars a year”

Yes.  That is my never.  🙂

And should it come true as the previous…  I guess I shall just have to deal with it.

Laughing, Loving, Living

MJ Schrader

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for. ~ will be posted on November 22