Another in the 30 Days of Truth, I am now posting these every few days, instead of doing 30 days straight.  Please check the bottom for the next date.
Day 07 Prompt→ Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Life has been stressful.  Very early in life I saw my grandmothers argue over the way I sit.  One arguing what was wrong, the other arguing I was fine the way I was.   PE teachers condemned me, while reading teachers praised me.  Math teachers loved my ability to see a problem from back a step, writing teachers hated my stories.

A husband that loved me when we in front of people we knew, ignored me when we weren’t.  Friends promised to be there disappeared when needed most, friends stepped up when those disappeared.  It would is easy to feel confused, except there has been a constant.

My ex-husband hated my parents, yet they waited for me to come back.  My parents have understood the working a regular 9 to 5 job breaks my spirit.  They have praised me in writing and making the efforts to write.  They have stood up for me, and stood by me.

They have listened when I call in the middle of the night to ask, “Why do druggies have kids and I can’t?” or “Why do my dreams crash and burn, maybe I should stop dreaming?” or “What if our family ends with me?” or “Maybe I should just settle for a job, I need to eat,” and they gently remind me that my writing stops dead when I have a job.  I live, but it’s mechanical.  Mom cried with me when I told her my friend said horrible things then disappeared.

Others have walked out of my life, but my parents have always been there.  Recently others have become part of that circle, who make life worth leaving; an old friend returned, unintentionally introducing me to the “that guy in NM” the boyfriend of 16 months, the writing partner, who encourages my dreams, the McNanas /T61, who support my writing and dreams.

Sorry, I have pictures of my parents but I will not post them.  It’s my respect for who they are.

Who makes your life worth living?

Better yet, what are you doing today, that shines a light for others who may be doubting that life is worth living?

Live, Share, Love

MJ Schrader

Day 8 will be November 27 (after Thanksgiving) Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like [crap]