Back to the ongoing 30 Days of Truth Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.  The date of the next 30 days of truth will be December 5th.  The last post was New Mexico, New Thoughts

Through most of school I had a best friend named Michelle.  She probably won’t believe me, but I think she is absolutely beautiful.  Her heart is the most beautiful heart.  She reminds me of my mom but she’s my age. She loves animals.  All animals.  She knows dog breeds. She is intelligent and funny.

We met in 4th grade, when we were in 4H together with Victoria.  We had fun in Entomology, that my mom coached.   Our little team won prizes in bug studies and we had a lot of fun.

In High School things shifted.  I was not around Victoria as much as Michelle, although Michelle stayed close to Victoria.

Then College.  She moved far away.  Then I got married.   My dream turned into a nightmare.  And basically I drifted away from everyone.  I regret that.  The darkness swallowed my life and I lost track of her as well as many others.   Then I became a youth minister, and one of my charges looks like her.  She talks like her.  Her interests are different but it makes me realize a part of my heart was missing.

We exchanged brief letters, sometimes emails.  Finally Facebook started taking over.  It has put me in touch with a lot of classmates.  Some of which I feel closer to now than I did in school.  And now I am in touch with Victoria, and sometimes Michelle.

There are other reasons for the drift that are her stories not mine. (Michelle, if you read this, I understand.)  But I still hate that we drifted.

I hate that I drifted so far that I only had a few friends I trusted.  Please help me open my heart to trust more, to re-build my friend circle and build it larger so it will not get knocked off kilter so easily.

Learning, Growing, Loving

MJ Schrader

PS Sunday December 5th will be Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know