Ok, I know it’s strange, but I enjoy April Fools Online Pranks  It could be that I am way too serious too much of my life… but on April Fools, I search Social Media, and around the web to find the silly… to find the fun.  So here are some that made me chuckle.  Note there’s a slideshow at the bottom if you want the quick version.


  1. Haven’t you always hated that way too minty taste of Mouthwash?  No longer with Scope Bacon

    Scope Bacon

  2. I love ordering specialty packs from Bountiful Baskets, but this one takes the TRUNK!

    I want 5 please!!!

  3. As a geek, I get regular emails from Think Geek… and this little jewel caught my eye

    Eye of Sauron Lamp
    Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

  4. Imagine going to Redbox and getting movies AND SANDWICHES!!

    Redbox Sandwiches
    Image courtesy of Redbox

  5. Of Course Google has their nose to the grindstone…
    The new scentsation in search

    The new scentsation in search!!

  6. Thanks to REI No longer must you leave your kittens at home when you go hiking!
    REI Adventure Kitten

    REI Adventure Kitten

  7. And after that long hike, be sure to get your kitten SILK SALMON!
    Silk Purr Salmon

    Silk Purr Salmon
    Image courtesy of Silk

  8. Just make certain you upload a Vimeow video after
    Insert Cat Video Here

    Insert Cat Video Here

  9. Of course, if you love dogs as much as I do, you don’t want them left out, which is why BarclayCard has a new way for dogs to pay …
  10. Maybe your dog will buy you the new BLENDTEC

    Blend it with Blendtec
    Image courtesy of BlendTec

  11. Or if he doesn’t have enough funds you can find buy it with your Google Treasure

    Arrg Here be Aprrrril Fools

  12. If you need to fly to your treasure, and can’t get a window seat, Virgin has the answer!
    Better than Window Seats!

    Better than Window Seats!

  13. And you can bring your Adventure Cat, Your card carrying dog, or your bear with WestJet
  14. But who knows, maybe you don’t like Change

    Change.org is now TheSame.biz

  15. But artists like change.  So if you are an artist, deviantART has the place for you

    deviantART online dating!!!

  16. But what if your love moves to the new Lifeway factory on Mars?
    Life on Mars

    Life on Mars
    Image courtesy of Lifeway

  17. Don’t worry Skype has the answer for you…
    Skype Your Martian Love!

    Skype Your Martian Love!

  18. But what if someone hacks your Skype or other social media?  HootSuite Offers HootTin
  19. After all this craziness… I think I need TicTacs or a Pizza…
    Tic Tac Pizza

    TicTac Pizza
    Image courtesy of TicTac