Better than Perfect, and Work v/s Work from the hotel conversation with Tony Laidig and Pat O’Bryan

What is better than perfect? Presenting your finished project. A perfect project sits in the drawing room, while you work to get it to perfection. Where is my book? It sits in my head waiting for perfect sentences, perfect thoughts. What if I do not convey my thoughts correctly? Yet there is no such thing as perfect, and life is too short to seek it. Get your project to a good level, release it, then smooth the rough edges as you notice. Most projects online and offline can be worked on later. And sometimes it’s the rough edges that people like.

This means your life will flow easier and smoother, rather than stressing over details. This can make the difference between work 🙁 and work 🙂  We often view work as something burdensome. Yet if that task is something we enjoy, even if it is work, we don’t think of it the same way. Tony said how many hours he works each day. Pat and I stared in amazement, it was a lot more than either of us expected. Yet he explained that it was mostly doing things he enjoyed. Yesterday, I saw a commercial, Jim Koch of Samuel Adams Beer, say a quote by Confucius “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Isn’t that the best goal?

For a few years I was a bookkeeper. Hated everything about my life at that time, in large part due to the job. It effected everything. I wasted money, dated a guy I shouldn’t have, because I was rebelling against the job.  They paid me, so I forced myself to be happy at work, while my life fell apart.

Currently, my income is very little. Yes, I hope (and pray) that soon I will make income, to support myself, my furry children and move. Yet, I am a writer.  Something I can say with a note of pride.  It’s makes me smile, and feel warm all over.

Where are you?  Are you rebelling against your job?  Or does your job not feel like work?  Are you striving endlessly for perfection, locking yourself away from your dreams?  Or deciding to ease and up and allow things to happen?

I am a writer.  I write about internal love.  I am the perfect me, and I write the best works by me. What about you?

~ MJ