At Pat O’Bryan’s Seminar in San Antonio, I expected some new ideas for the book, started months ago, and the website created for it. Yet I had started looking for a change in direction. Just a few weeks before I realized that my goal of being a writer, was not my true goal, helping people was. Teaching people to love themselves was my way of helping. The reason was simply because I hated myself for years. It took years to like and only within the past year love me.

But the problem is when you say “Love” people assume relationships. Then you have to explain, “Well if you mean developing a better relationship with yourself, then yes.” The other problem is “love” websites are often “fluffy,” “pink and purple,” and “delicate.” Oh so not me. I am a woman, proud of my curves, love getting flowers, but people envisioning happy little hearts and expecting me to be soft and delicate?

Over that weekend, I spent time with Simon Leung and Lee Collins from Rockstar Platinum, two Internet Rockstars. Ironically on my vision board is a sticker that says “I’m an Internet Rockstar.” Lee talked about working things from a different angle. After a few conversations with Lee, pieces started coming together. An edgier website about love, I could be like the love rockstar… but that’s such a departure from the past; yet, in the days that followed it became more and more comfortable.

The domain name was available, but I hesitated. While looking for a smaller notebook, I found a sale bin, 5 by 7 spirals. Pink and sparkly, no, skulls and bones, no, metallic flowers, no… then I saw this…

The Notebook

Pink guitar with a heart & lightning labeled Rockstar with lightning and a heart… femininity with an edge, love with power. It didn’t have say Love Rockstar, but it might as well have, it does now. Actually all 3 say it, I bought every one I found. Bought the domain name when I got home. Thus became MJ Schrader ~The LoveRockstar…

But there were still some changes I had to make inside and outside, online and offline before it came to be the version you see today, LoveRockstar.