Last week I wrote an emotional blog.  To all those who left comments.  Thank you.  Those both touched me, and helped me realize I am on the right path.  Yet, even as I was asking forgiveness for not having done anything, I am still trying to forgive myself. 12 years later, and have not forgiven myself for having lost my only child… Also for the 5 or so years I’ve tried to build a business online, and haven’t yet. Change does not happen over night, no matter how much we want.

A caterpillar is a butterfly in waiting. Thus is life. Thus it is with you, with me, and with everyone in the world.

This week my focus changed. Well, has and hasn’t. After years, I resolved to make it without a j.o.b. when the tax season ended April 15th.  (No income since then) Yet 2 days ago, I saw an ex-co-worker, tax training starts in July.  A horrible wake-up call. A COLD HARD deadline, just one month away. Goal was to make money before training starts.

The desire to RUN AND DO is almost overwhelming, but when I run like that, I do it blind, and make a big mess. So I created a review site this week. Http:// Then started writing articles for another site. But this is still scrambling, un-focused, so I silence myself, and attend a mastermind (Thank you Kim Burney).

Define your goal, your need: Ok. To tell the tax office I will not be training, I need $1000 a month, and will need to grow even more before October. But I need time to study with Bill Hibbler & Ann Collins, finish a book, attend masterminds, help others, visit Montana, and attend seminars.

Define your niche: Repeatedly said here, that all I ever wanted was to write. It’s not really true, helping people has always been first. That’s why I started telling my history. Others have survived worse, but, maybe, just maybe someone will be helped by what I say.

And people keep asking “What do you do?“ Author isn’t me.  Writer isn’t either.  “Helping YOU Find the Love Within” feels like me.

Then my heart opens wide when I think about leading some Mastermind groups. In talking to my group, it’s part of what I need right now, to learn more about others and myself. Soon I hope to have a couple Mastermind groups, including one about “Finding the love within.”

So are you ready to join my mastermind groups? Seriously I am looking, contact me if interested. Yet it stirs my heart, leaves me with time to finish my book “Find the love within” (working title) and start on the next. Somewhere in the course of the week, I decided to embrace a joke. I now own available here No, I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.


At my church  “Some try to tell me, Thoughts they cannot defend,”
But as for me “Just what you want to be, You will be in the end.” ~ Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues