Well, this week I have decided to share a laugh, or two, or three. Short version skip to things get interesting.  This is just a funny story that takes time to tell.

Tuesday and Saturday are the only 2 days I am scheduled to work this week. Tuesday was the only day I wanted off this week. Because Tuesday my dog, Luna, was scheduled to go to the Vet to get her teeth cleaned. Tuesday is the only day Tommy can come out and clean my sewer pipe. Mom agrees to come out to the house in case Tommy needs any water from the inside.

As a safety measure she asks, “What does Tommy look like?” I do not recall, it’s been almost 2 years since I have seen him, and he’s a friend of my ex-boyfriend. But ex-boyfriend owes me some favors and Tommy owes him.

So Tuesday morning is beautiful, I wear a thin weight long sleeve shirt as I walk La Luna, it’s about 64 degrees. She can’t have breakfast because she will go under anesthesia while her teeth are cleaned so she is a bit upset. But we soon must leave, she is happy to get in her kennel when it’s in the car, and being a lover of people (& dogs & cats), she’s happy to see the vet staff and cat.

Off to work, go I, with a light weight long sleeve shirt and a slightly heavier shirt to wear over the top; just in case work should be a little cool. I tell my boss I must leave early to pick up my dog. My co-worker doesn’t have a working car, she asks me to drive her to the medical center at lunch so she can drop off some paperwork. No problem I say. Before lunch I call my mom. No answer.

My co-worker says she’s ready to go. She gets out her paperwork, then goes back to get her phone. She lays down her paperwork to get the phone out of purse. Now she’s ready to go, until I say, “Don’t you need that paperwork that’s back on your desk?” We now drive across town a road to somewhere almost between my house and my vet. (Trip 1)

We get back, and check the weather, it seems cooler. I call my mom, no answer, while co-worker and boss check the weather. The temperature is 50. But we might have snow and sleet tonight in Texas, after a 64 degree morning. Tonight expect upper 20s; tomorrow a high in the upper 20s. As time passes we watch the sky grow dark.

Mom calls, the hole in front of my house in the street is my crushed city owned sewer pipe. She wonders if I have the number, no, so mom will call. Eventually 4:10 rolls around, I call the vet to make certain I can pick up Luna. Yes, she’s ready, her teeth are clean and her tail is wagging all over the place. At 4:30, when I am supposed to leave, the bosses thankfully decide to close the place because we have no clients in, and it’s getting dark. So I leave “on time!” HooZah…


It’s 4:30, it takes 10 minutes to get to my house. I need to do 2 things before I go home. Get Luna, run in the house, get my water bottles then get water. I used the last of my filtered water this morning, and I forgot to bring my water bottles. Tomorrow is going to be colder, so I need to get water tonight. Will be done with both before 5:15.

It’s now FREEZING (recall my dress) I drive back across town to the vet, I park close. Run in, get Luna, who is wagging all over and ready to leave. This makes it interesting trying to sign the credit slip. I load Luna in her kennel in the back seat.

I call Mom, Luna’s fine. The vet wants me to watch her, age and anesthesia. Mom tells me the city should have already made it out or will in the morning. Great. I am home now. I leave Luna in the car since this won’t take long. So run in grab my jacket, the 5 gallon bottle and 2 one gallon bottles, then drop the one gallon bottles in my rush. All while trying to keep Salem inside. He got in a cat fight last week, had an emergency vet visit Monday, is on antibiotics and is supposed to stay in for a week. He wants out now, but I escape without him. (Trip 2)

Back across town to the best filtered water, the WaterMill. A stand alone station, ironically where the old Hour Photo Stand used to be. I realize I have spent my change and don’t have enough. All I have are a couple of 20s. So I decide to get dinner to get change. I want Arby’s, back near my house. Now the gas is low, now I really need to use the bathroom, so get gas, pull into a space as soon as I am done getting gas. Then to Arby’s.

It’s 5:45. Arby’s is slow, but it smells good. Luna starts thumping her tail in her crate, so I shove 2 fries through the grates. I decide to get water at the Mexican market around the corner from my house. The machine there won’t take my change, that’s when I notice the filter was changed on 11/24. What? Today is is December 9th, that’s over 2 weeks ago!! Watermill changes their filters daily. And it’s cheaper! (Trip 3)

Now back across town to Watermill, again. The wind has picked up. I can’t fill up the 5 gallon and the 2 one gallons at the same time. I get the 5 gallon filled. My hands are bright red. They are glowing in the dark, but I don’t want wet gloves. The one gallons try to blow out while I load the 5 gallons of water (42 lbs), but I load it. Stick 2 more small fries in Luna’s crate. Then I take the one gallons and as I stick money in the machine, the one I put under the nozzle blows off. I chase it down. At this point I start laughing. It starts filling. I go around to the other side to hurry up, the 2nd one blows off the nozzle just as water starts flowing. I miss about 2 cups of water. But finally all water bottles are full (minus 2 cups).

Then drive back across town to my house. Unload the 2 one gallons while unlocking the door, watching for Salem. Leave the door almost closed to retrieve the 5 gallons. Then the food. Leaving Luna for last so no dog underfoot. Let her out, get her kennel. Finally 6:15 I have made it home, just in time for Mom to call, “Did the city come?” “It’s dark, but I see marks on the road but no hole, so I would say no.” (Trip 4).

Yes, now my sewer is fixed. Yes, Luna has clean teeth. Yes, Salem is getting better. And I just found out Lilo, my almost 5 month old kitten that someone dumped is a Maine Coon, rare, very smart, very soft cat. (Said while she is attacking her tail).  Yes that was one weird Tuesday.