Two nights ago my ex-boyfriend, said my new friends are after (my) money.  Although he “Hoped that this time I would be able to succeed.”  It ticked me off.  (Glad I ended it, but wish he would do what promised then get his stuff and go.)  His reference is 3 years ago; in retrospect I was not ready.  My goals were not * WORTHY.*


Helping people has always been a distant dream; yet for months the dream has stared at me.  I have known exactly how to monetize interests of 3 different friends who can not go back to the regular workforce, yet something has held me back. 



Dr Joe Vitale has guided me for 10 years, even though I oft disappeared; he seemed to appear right when I needed guidance.  Like a month ago, when I went to a seminar and met my “new” friends who “Dare Something Worthy.”  This week I listened to the Vegas Dynamic by Twenty Twenty, he talks of openness.


The eye opener was  last night listening to Ben Mack’s Bad A** call, I realize it has not been fear holding me back.  I have kept my true self hidden since I was a pre-school girl (the clever-strange-child).  The real me has been immerging, and it is vastly incongruent with “sweet-little-Martha;” perhaps the true source of the Two-Day Migraine this week.  The projected me was limited…


It’s now time to * Dare something worthy *  (from Dr Joe Vitale)


To truly “Dare Something Worthy” I need to dare something BIG.  Dare something beyond my limitations and expand the universe for others.


Ben Mack twitters of Magic, reminding me that as a child I believed in Magic.  When the magician visited our school, I knew the tricks, but loved the Magic.  Yes magic is sleight of hand, redirection, and prompting, however Magic, is much more.  Magic is making the impossible possible.   The power of Magic influences, involves, even evolves the audience.


To Dare Something Worthy I must impart Magic.   Involving, influencing and evolving the audience, and when they become part of the Magic, then they will magicians as well.  Then they can create Magic for others and more people will evolve to see Magic …


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