Yes, I was supposed to write my goals earlier. Weird things have happened. A few days ago I found I have a praying mantis on my hummingbird feeder. I now feed her every few days. She’s changed from green to brown.

The day after my blog, as I got ready for bed I found a snake in my hall. Note at this time I was in a blood donor XL tee to sleep. It was a garter snake but still startled me. As I pushed him into a plastic container, I notice a gecko run away, into my office.

What in the world??

I am too tired to question beyond that. So I capture the gecko who was little bigger than a penny and a snake that was probably 8 inches long. I take pictures of the strange twosome. (Yes, I am a nerd.) Then I pull on shorts and take them out front, dropping one here and one there, in case the snake was trying to eat the gecko.

Then on Saturday, I ran an errand. Ran to the store to get grapes to break up to feed a Cardinal who eats from my fingertips, to toss at a squirrel, and for myself. Laughing to myself, I drive home, amused by the sudden friendliness of wild animals. It’s not like I have moved, same house for 14 years. As I pull into the drive, Butch Boy and Luna bark at me. Then race to the back of the house when I get out of the car. Then as I start taking my bag (note I BRING MY BAGS TO THE STORE) in the house my shrub says “Mew.”


That’s new. (A poet and didn’t know it.) My hedge normally doesn’t talk. But it mews again. I get down on my knees. There beneath the shrub is a little bitty frightened kitten. I already have two cats, two dogs, and one of each is a stray. I give it some food and milk outside, hoping it will disappear. My mom has given me a heart for animals, so I am also hoping it will stay.

A week tomorrow, and the kitten is still here. I offered her to my neighbors, they said we could share. The shelter has 17 kittens; plus cats, so that’s not an option. Big heart, small budget… big heart will win. It’s inevitable.

It is a lot of fun, to roll this fuzzy ball over and get her tummy, or listen to her purr.  I am feeling more at peace, and it seems animals are very much at peace with me now.   Maybe soon, I will be at peace about some problems, and they will fade away…